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Rx-8 Seats In 626/mx-6/probe

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So, i am seeing a lot of questions regarding the RX-8 seats, and if they fit the 626.

Short answer: Yes they do, but require light modifications

I have mounted a set of RX8 seats in my 626, and they are fully working with both heat and power functionality.
To get this mod done, you will need the following stuff:

  • Angle grinder
  • Welder
  • RX-8 seats
  • Sock seats for parts
  • Electrical wiring tools
  • Some screws and bolts
  • A vice

The first thing you need to do is to butcher your old stock seats for parts. In the EU, all 626 have the same basic body harness. This means that even if your car doesn't have heated electrical seats, the car will have the sires for it so you just have to plug them in. Be sure to write down or take picture of where the different seat mounts are. They are not the same in the back.
From you stock seats, you will need the following:

  • Seat mounts that are attached to the seat rails
  • Electrical connector (with pigtails) connecting the seat to the car harness

When removing the seat mounts, i just cut the rails, and then cleaned them up afterwards. You want to have them trimmed down to only the steel foot itself, without any rail or rivet parts. This take a bit of time to do, and its nice to use a vice for this.
Here you can see the rails i used. The one to the right is almost finished cleaning.
After that was done, it was time for some sand blasting to clean the rust.
Then it is time to get going on the RX8 seats. I dismantled the entire seat so that i would not damage it during the work, This is possibly not needed if you are careful covering them with wet blankets so that the debris from the angle grinder and welding wont damage them. If you ahve power seats, it is possible to remove the bottom of the rials easily by undoing the bolt in the middle of the underside of the rail. Then just remove the plastic caps and slide the rails of.

The non-power seat rails cannot be removed in the same way, so there is the only option to cover, or dismantle the seats. In any case, cover the holes in the rails very well with masking tape. Remember that the rails are supposed to roll on bearings, and they do not like metal shavings from the angle grinder to well.

The result when disassembling everything

Here you can see when i covered the rails and engines. Even this was not enough to avoid getting crap in the rollers.

When everything is covered up, use the grinder to cut the RX8 seat mounts from the rials. Be sure to NOT damage the rails. You can cut the mounts to pieces if you want since you dont need them. I found it easier to cut parts from them, to get better access. Also remove the rivets holding the rails to the mounts.

When you are done with that, you will see that each rail have 4 holes. Two on each side. The nice thing is that those holes will match up with the holes on your 626/MX-6/Probe mounts.

Then you take your stock mounts and mount them in your car. There should be no seats in it now, and all 8 seat mounts should be mounted where they are supposed to sit. Now measure the distance from the front to the rear mounts. Write that down.

Now its time for some experimenting. The measurement you just did will help you figure out what holes on the frame to use.
Put the frame upside down, and temporarily fasten the mounts to it with bolts and nuts like in the picture.

Then tighten them down when the distances are correct, and take it for a test in your car.

DO NOT rush this step, or you will end up with mismatching. and then your seats wont fit properly. First tighten down the seat mounts to the floor, then tighten the bolts used to mount the mounts to the rails. Now the rails and mounts should be 100% aligned with the car.. Undo the mounts from the floor, and remove the frame carefully.

The picture shows mine before i did the 2nd check on them, and this would have cause issues after welding.

When you are 110% sure that they are correct. Do a few quick tacks of welding, and test fit the seat once more. If it is still easy to tighten down, remove it, and weld it solid. When welding, make sure to get proper penetration and correct heat. You do NOT want to have bad welds on a critical security element like the seat rails. If you crash, and the rail welds are shit, you are dead.

When the welds are done, test fit again, and make sure that the rails are clean on the inside. Mine got some distortion on the inside that caused the rails to be a bit laggy and rough. It is easily fixable with a grinder or dremel when the seat is out of the car, but a pain once mounted.

When satisfied, primer and paint.

The electrics are pretty straight forward. There are 4 wires related to the seat, and then the built in airbags have their own. I dont remember the exacts of this, but it was not a problem to get it working at all. Just takes a multimeter to find out what wires goes where on the body harness, and then some experimenting.

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When i installed the rare Alcantra Speed3 seats in my Mazda6, I did mostly everything the same way you did. Cept i cut the rivets off the feet from the rails. I really like you just cut the rails off first. That would have saved me from some awkward angles.


One thing i did differently was when i had the lone donor 'feet', i bolted them bare to the floor as if they were seats installed. Then at that point i positioned the two seats where i wanted them, and hit them with a few spot welds. Then removed them to do the finish welds.

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