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Uk - The Best Car Ever, Mazda 626 - Dont Want It To Go To The Scrap Ya

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Hi All


As you may know, I am selling my Mazda 626, see link below



It's the best car I have ever owned, and will easily do another 100,000 miles.


I don't want it go to a scrap yard after it has looked after me for many years.


It would make a great donor car as well, for parts and spares, but it all works ok.



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I know your feeling man, it's not any different over here, so I've decided to scrap my car and keep the parts I want. That way I get more value out of it than if I sold it. Sadly the old 626's aint worth much these days. I saw a swede selling an OK 626 v6 (93) the other day for about

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