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I'm going to go back through it, but we bought a 2000 Mazda 626 LX that already had a Pioneer stereo in it. But the stereo had some issues, including the display did not work, and the rear speakers did not work. So we decided to replace it with another Pioneer stereo. When we pulled it out, it was apparent that who ever installed the first one, used a adapter kit. So when it came to wiring, we just cut one wire at a time, and soldered it to the new system, making sure to match wires from old to new. But with the new system, the rear speakers still don't work. There is obviously a fault in the wiring. When we did the wiring, there were a couple of wires loose, we gave me pause for concern. My question is which wires are for the rear speakers? 

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Are you sure the rear speakers are even okay? i thought the same thing on my 2000 Mazda 626 LX, until i popped the cover off to find out the speakers had basically dissolved and were non existent, so i put new ones in and it worked.. though i had the stock radio and stuff in so i knew it wasn't a wiring issue. 

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