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Car Won't Start. Is This The Problem

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I was under my car looking for any sort of broken lines or fuel lines because it won't start. I was about to give up hope when I stumbled upon this and I have no idea what it is it looks as though it is broken but it has a pipe attached to it. its in the back side of the car located in between the gas tank in the indent for the spare tire. could this be causing my tank not to get pressure and then there for my car not starting. if so what is this called is it the pump? Thanks in advance.


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The white thing is a check valve and it should be connected by a hose to the black cylinder...that cylinder is a filter.  The fuel pump is inside of the tank.  I would think that even with that piece being broken the car would start...but perhaps throw a code.  I had the solenoid behind the filter go bad and the car still started..



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