Unstable Idling,check Other Possible Causes

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I have a problem in my 626 mazda 2.0L '94 FS engine, the problem is that the idling going up and down(from 400 rpm to 900 rpm) already checked possible causes but no luck, I removed the EGR wishing if thats the problem and its SPOT ON the egr stays open the upper part of egr is full of dirt so cleaned and have a go!!! It went VERY GOOD!!! THANKS FOR READING HOPE IT HELPS





ARTHUR(from west australia)

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I did solve the problem with a 1988 626 2.4 , did the same you explain.It was a piece on the injection sistem  that have a conection to the antifreeze and was corroded,so the valve goes up and down, more noticeable in the winter.

I hope  it help you 

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