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Ssbenss' S 2.0 Build

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So I have a 2001 mazda 626 and at the moment in aiming for complete restore.

I bought the car back in March this year from my brother for 360 after his transmission went out, he had a title loan on it and decided to let it go into collections and decided it wasn't worth keeping, so I picked up his tab and now I got her up and running.

My plan is to use this page as a to do list for future upgrades, a worklog, and I guess I'll see where it goes from there.

So far from purchasing the vehicle as of now the things I have replaced are the following

-New battery $117 2 year warranty pep boys

-oil change/trans drain/fill July 31st,$15 oil $20 trans

-both serpentine belts $20, last ones flew off 1 yr war o'reilleys

-registration/inspection+tt&l $240

- blinker light $25 driver side front Glen and jerrys

-wheel well drivers side $17 current one was broken

That's it so far that I can think of, also was thinking about trying to boost my mpg' s and I'm sure getting my trans fixed would yield the highest mpg's but was thinking about also taking the A/C out and running another belt with an electric motor to it(ideas?) and then connect it to the battvery, maybe throw some other things onto an electric driven belt as well,should bump up mpg by around 3mpg just on ac alone, unless someone knows of a cheaper way to do electric ac.

Also was thinking about replacing the transmission with one more reliable than my cd4e, but the remanufactureds are way too expensive for me (2500 for a jasper trans) maybe in the future?

Edited, didn't like the layout I did

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So, after putting 2500 miles on my car with a bad tcc solenoid, I finally got it in the shop, incorrect gear ratios 1 and 2, and f/s was out also, going to cost me around 700 to 1 grand to fix, and that's one part I'd rather not play with without professional supervision.

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Since my car is in the shop, I thought I would take the time to make a to do list:

-Fix front bumper sag

-Fix hole in rear bumper

-Neutral safety switch cracked at the bolt, but still works

-New outside trim for doors/sides

-Fix stereo loose connection( may just run a SOC android homemade computer on it)

-reupholster passenger door panel (New color maybe?)

-Fix crack in drivers door panel( inside car by the handle)

-consider getting matching trunk assembly

-check spark plugs and fuel filter replace

-replace hubcaps for actual wheels/rims

-degrease undercarriage to see if I can spot any oil leaks

Yeah most of this list is just getting it back to original looks, and after that, Im hoping to get into the fun stuff like tuning and hp/mpg gains

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So my car is finally out of the shop, I just paid them for a transmission swap off a used one and the new one is leaking,I'm thinking the gasket is leaking but unsure, here's some photos

20150817_191631.jpg random cat


D/s axle



Should I try some trans stop leak?

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Just started my new job, so first check is going toward bills and swapping out cv joint and the trans gasket, I'll try and remember to take photos or maybe make a video, also I took that cat home lol

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So I changed the gasket overnight so I didn't have a chance to take pics, my apartments shun working on cars in their parking lot so it was the best time for me to do it, took me about 3 or 4 hours but I was by myself, also bought a cv boot kit, I figure since I don't have a whole lot of money at the moment I'll go the cheap route for now just to delay further damage so I can change it at a later date.

Got into electrical school so it's been tough working 40 hours, doing insane amounts of homework so I rarely have free time now, but I love working on my car..

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Still have yet to change that Cv joint, but for now I think I'll sit on it until it becomes actually necessary for now, had to change the starter about a month ago, and in the process while trying to find a way around everything,somehow I blew out my fuel injector gasket, went and got a diagnostic and they told me it was intake manifold gasket, so I got that replaced and no change so I sprayed some butane around the fuel injectors and started to notice my car would rev up, so I figured there was a leak around my fuel injectors, got that fixed.

been recently working on my car a bit and my roommates car off and on, electrical didn't work out for me, these lungs do not deal well with Sheetrock dust and debris, caught bronchitis twice in two weeks and knew it was time to leave sadly, but I already have another job lined up at an Amazon fulfillment center, so I'll be alright.

Already getting a belt squeal so I think it may need to be tightened a little, car had been whirring at take off also, so I'm hoping a belt adjust may fix that.

I'm starting to notice a bit of acceleration loss from her around 3K to 5K rpm's, sometimes on the highway I'll go to accelerate a little and when I hit 3500 rpm's it will throw it to 5000 rpm's and barely accelerate, then a delayed shift after that.

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