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My New Bumper Lip!

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So, I have fitted until now:

OEM Hella fog lights and grille

OEM Bumper lip (That's thanks to Dan Atkins)

OEM Swing vents

OEM FoHa rear spoiler


Left with doing up a good paint job, fit my heated seats kit (I have the factory buttons) and my 15inch Momo Arrow alloys!

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Thanks for the encouragement in these times with no cashflow :)

It's kinda gonna need an engine to go with the looks afterwards, 88bhp just aren't fair to it, and F2T isn't an option here! FE3 16V are very rare, the best I can get with some luck will be a carb'd 2.0 12V FE. If I'm courageous enough, I spotted a nice GLX with a metallic sunroof in the scrappy, that would be cool, especially if I can get a glass roof from the US that is a straight fit onto it after the mod!

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I promise I'll have you in mind, but bear in mind that I imported all of those items I named above, and I am the ONLY one to have them on my GD, appart from the FoHa spoiler which is also on someone's factory 4WS GD. The grill was made by Hella, they were common in France and Germany, that's a hint for you. I gave the bucks for mine, but it was mint in box, 4 years ago or so.

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I managed to track down one grill from a Swedish junkyard 2 years ago for my 626, but I never found another one again...


I've accepted that I'll never have the spoiler. It's so beyond rare it might as well be extinct.

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The spoiler is easier to find than the grill! I had a hard time finding all of the parts. The bumper lips which were supposed to be worldwide available items I had to spot in the USA! If I find anything cool I'll let you know!!!

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