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Spare Parts List & Exploded Pictures

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The WHOLE galore of workshop and service guides applicable to the 626, all right here. The workshop, training, and the wiring diagram manuals have a bejesus amount of information on the car. I particularly enjoy the wiring diagram as it has both structural and schematic views of the wiring. The workshop manual even shows how to remove the passenger side windows, although I dispute that bit as it seems to have slightly incomplete instructions.


The 1988 manuals will work just fine even though you have a '91, they're the same gen but there will be some minor differences from what the manual states to what you have. Even the '90 to '91 has a few differences in wiring.

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There are mazda parts catalogs out there but they are not included in the work shop manual.  Not to say the WSM isn't the absolute best thing you can own as an older vehicle owner.  It's 10 times better than a Haynes manual... but it is not a parts catalog.  Yes there are exploded parts diagrams in the work shop manual but that's only for purposes of doing a repair.  It doesn't label parts with part #'s.  For part numbers you should check out JimEllisMazdaParts.com or something similar.

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