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Moving Back To The Old Server + Teamspeak 3 Live!

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Moving Back to the Dedi

Alright everyone our stay with linode was short and sweet. Moving back to our dedicated server. Here was the issue, before I didn't know 100% how everything worked on our dedicated server I had help from some really great admins (however i did pay them). The issue was things started breaking and I couldn't fix them because I didn't know front to back how everything worked, and then it would cost money to fix, and then more issues happened, and support would costs more. Additionally the software used to configure the server was expensive in itself. After the past few months I've uped my linux skills, and setup our new dedicated server on the lowlow!.



New Hardware Infrastructure:

  • increasing server memory/RAM capacity 
  • bios memory speed bump
  • ACHI from bios better SSD storage access speeds


New Virtual Servers:

  • Setup new server with a hypervisor that allows me to divide up resources.
  • As part of that we now have an official teamspeak server! ------->

Teamspeak Server Live! URLS HERE: 


We now have a teamspeak server! Teamspeak is mostly a chat communication channel for gaming. And thats probably going to be its primary use here. However feel free to jump on in and chat with the team.


Please feel free to request any game channels in replys: Ex counterstrike. Or any other channel ideas. 


teamspeak url:

  • ts.m626.net
  • ts.mazda626.net (channels name is also ts.unyield) 
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