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Ah, okay. Your "car" info in your profile is confusing then because you state jdm, but I guess for the KLZE which is only JDM.


You are probably in uncharted waters. I'm unsure of anyone who has converted it. If you are in the US, it will be pricy to source the parts assuming you haven't yet.


Here is my guess on what you'll need, though I'm sure I am missing some stuff.

  • Dash
  • Dash wiring harness
  • Dash support
  • Steering rack

Now things that might swap over, but I have no idea

  • Brake booster/master cylinder
  • Pedal assembly
  • Blower (interior fan)
  • Steering column
  • Misc?

Here is a picture of a RHD (1993 Ford TX5 in Australia) for your reference:


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