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My name is Miguel, i'm from Barcelona, and I am the new owner of a Mazda 626 2.5 V6 (GE). I bought the car 1 month ago, in a perfect conditions, because he comes for a private car collection. Only have 50.000km (31.000 miles approximately).

I hope enjoy it a lot of years!









In his new home, near to my other two cars, a Micra Super S and a 300ZX Twinturbo... long life at  japanese cars from '90s!





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Europe always seems to get the best versions of a lot of cars, esp. with this 626! Super clean, love the lines! Is that 4-wheel steering too?


Au contraire, I noticed the distinct lack of a "Swing" button!  You may get useless features like 4ws, hatchbacks, aluminum-bezeled foglights, electronically adjustable headlights with projectors and glass lenses, but they saved the ultimate feature for the US market!  Swing vents baby, yeah!


P.S.  Your pics made me drool a little...my P5 is the closest I'll ever get to owning a hatchback 4th gen 626....

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