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Did Work On The Body!

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Holy shit.  How did no one get injured from that?  How fast were they going? 60-80 mph?  Were they trying to race someone because if so they definitely lost.


This is why you should NEVER allow someone else to borrow your car.  The one and ONLY time I have ever let someone borrow my car this is what happened.




NEVER let anyone borrow your car.  NEVER NEVER NEVER. You just learned a severely harsh life lesson.


I'm sorry to hear about your loss.  Losing a V6 manual really sucks. :(  I'm glad no one was injured especially looking at the accident damage.  It's a miracle no one was hurt.  Are you going to try to replace it or go with a different car?

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I think the 93-97 didn't have a crash sensor.  The accelerometer is inside the SRS module.  No matter what direction the car is hit from if the accelerometer is grossly different from vehicle speed it should trigger the air bag.  There is a recall on that.  Mazda might be liable for personal injuries incurred due to the deployment failure.  Since it's so long ago for the recall I have no idea if that still applies.  It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to take the 626 in for the recall work to be performed.  If it was performed and the airbags still didn't deploy that's another story.

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