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Automatic Transmission Inhibitor Swicth

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Hey Guys,

Sick of searching the interwebs for useless information and thought I'd come here for holy advice. The car wont crank in PARK but will crank and start in NEUTRAL. I've had problems like this before but can't seem to find the inhibitor switch/loose connection under the dash. If someone could kindly send through a snippet of a service manual or help me with regards to the switch's location I'll be forever grateful.

Cheers Guys.

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If the posted images are huge and make your browser side-scroll please refresh your browser.  The images are supposed to automatically resize for your screen resolution.


It sits directly on top of the transmission next to the battery.  The same location is used for all inhibitor switches for the 626 from 1986-2002 on the 2.0L and 2.2L


This is what the inhibitor switch looks like.

1991 MAZDA 626 Inhibitor Switch / Neutral Safety Switch / Range Sensor






















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PMX626.info yes online manuals.  Not all years are available.  There are 2 different types available online.  Scanned images and PDF's.  There is a 1992 PDF and 1988 scans.  Both should be very helpful for you.  Every known online work shop manual for the 626/MX6 is archived there. 


I don't own a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 5th gen but I still know how to find the answers to questions about them because of that site.   Wish more people used it as a resource.  Can't count how many issues I've helped to solve thanks to the pages on that site.  The individual page scans are awesome.  We can post them here for individual issues.  Phenomenal resource for any 626 owner. ;)

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