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I did that same headliner. Crush velvet look from Wal-Mart about $1.20 a ft. 


I used 3M adhesive spray, but not the right one for cars, and the heat had my new headliner sagging in a short 3 weeks. 


I hope you did not use the 3M in a spray can, cause it is going to fall once the sun hits your roof for a few days. 

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haha yea the visor fell apart when I pulled em out just ordering new ones and no I bought the adhisive from the upholstry shop here and no way is it gonna fall its pretty much new board and alot of spray lol plus its been in the sun drying for 1.5 days nothing wromg anywere gonna tint to reduce heat it should be fine this shit is extremly light so I dont see it comming down

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Looks great!  :thumbsup:


I need to rescue my sun visors. I am missing the passenger side, and the drivers side has rotted so bad, it looks like a small animal shred the material.


I need to redo my headliner, but what a pain that was to get it in and out of the car. :dry:


I am doing a wicked install if this flaky, shady, eBay seller would ship my item I was supposed to receive last Wed. 


Looks like I will have to get a refund from eBay, win another one, and wait again. Lesson learned! 




It worked a few times, but I knew eventually I would get bit. Just not many people bid on the item when a seller has no feedback, and I have got some bomb ass deals in the past taking the risk. 


Can't wait to do this little project! Please keep posting!


Maybe a little shout out for the glue you used on the headliner?


And how it is holding up after a few months or so? 

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Gonna make a heat shield for the rear side and bottom of filter plug wires will be red soon as I'll be replacing them with some msg wires ... Gonna be custom made of course will give updates soon gonna replace front to seats soon and change gauges , if anyone has some after market gauges let me know ima do a bar gauges

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