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i have a very rare Mazda 626 awd/4wd 2.0 injected it is a gc 1986 it is 1 of 60 made i have certificate saying it is number 50 of 60 and all but i have no info on it i got it for 400 dollars any info would be great. it has electric windows and electric sun roof suspension control normal spot and auto. it has a manual gear box it is actually quiet fast well would love to no opinions and info i am trying to get it road worthy but failed on rear shocks and windscreen wipers




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Same here.. i thought they did that on the 929's but 4w steer, awd it would have to incorperate a rear diff of some sort and tranfer case?.......very interesting.

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In Japan there were all sorts of experimental models that were never on the books. I Would not rule out the existence of an AWD model.

It may have been an experiment that lead to the GD AWD models. Don't forget that this was around the same year as the BF 323s which came out as AWD. It may share alot of common parts with a BF.

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DAAAMN :blink: Pics of everything, plz... That is an amazing find! Wonder how many are left?

It could possibly share rear end parts with the '86 RX7 too... The non turbo ones had 4x4.5" bolt pattern also. I would need to see the drivetrain and close up behind the rear hubs. I would be surprised if it didn't use regular 626 struts, but with stiffer springs. Yours may be AAS on such a special model, which are hard to find, but if you use normal ones for the time being, it should pass the safety check. If they are not normal 626 struts, I would start trying to get a hold of Mazda NZ. The only other option I can think of is to start test fitting random struts to see if they will fit and bolt up.

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