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1981 626 Coupe Project

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Hi All. Just thought I'd post some picture of my project so far.

I got a 1981 626 Coupe for my first car in 1985 & I loved it. I had planned to keep it forever but in 1994 while working in WA my father-in-law "did me a favour" & "got rid of that old car for me"!

I said I'd get another one one day & in March this year I found this one. Condition was OK, a bit of rust but original. So the rebuild began. Then I came across another 2 door which I bought then a really tidy 4 door off eBay which I picked up for $89.00. The body of the second 2 door is rough but the motor is great, built for a rally car but found its way into the coupe instead.

I'll keep posting as the project progresses.

This is the car when I picked it up


New lowered suspension & RX wheels


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Tridon temp. sensor & Davies Craig temp sensor adaptor. Thermo fan from Super Cheap.

I think we both need to have a long hard look at ourselves! Bahaahaaahaaaaaahaaaaahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

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Blows my mind you got it for $89. Makes me want to go to an auction and look for 626's. Best deal ever. I really like those wheels too. I thought they did come available on the 626 though not just RX... Those are my favorite wheels of all time and if I had a 4 spoke hub they'd be on my 4th gen.

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To coin a phrase from our Kiwi neighbours," Sweet as, bro!" :cool: Can't wait to see them fitted up on your weapon.

Have you fitted lower springs on her? She looks like she is sitting lower while sitting on the back of the truck.

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To coin a phrase from our Kiwi neighbours," Sweet as, bro!"

That's Kiwi?? I've heard that heaps of times over here!!

Yep. Pronounced properly - Kiwi accent included, "Sweet is, bro!"


How is it possible you have scored two 626s with the best coloured, blue grey interior, especially your white one?!!!! :thumbsup:

Probably 95% of the 6s I look at, have the tan brown interior. I am seriously green with envy!!!!!!! :biggrin:

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This is my other 2 door which I picked it up for $300. The body is rough but the interior is fair to good but the motor & running gear is terrific. As I said in an early post, the motor was built for a rally car but ended up in this. The specs are as follows.

2.0L MA

Flat top pistons 30thou over

Block has been decked

Ivan Tighe cam (maximum lobe lift)

Big stainless valve & seats

Crow comp valve springs

New valve guides & retainers

Head has been faced ported from 30 to 45mm & polished

Inlet & exhaust manifolds have been match ported

Rebuilt 34ADM Weber

HD Exedy clutch.



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I'm going to use this motor is the blue 2 door so I had to do something about air cleaner poking up thru the bonnet. I picked up a set of twin 40DHLA Dellortos (thanks again eBay) which a mate kindly rebuilt for me but I really struggled to find a manifold for the MA. After trawling to net for weeks I found someone that knew someone at Lynx who used to make a twin carb manifold for the MA. It took about 5 weeks (which felt like 5 months) from time of order to delivery but it was worth it.



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I fitted up the Dellortos last weekend. I had to port the Lynx manifold to match the port job on the head. Had a bit of a drama with the port on #1, the manifold didn't cover the port! Built the manifold up with some epoxy, shaped & refaced it & it was just like a bought one. You can see in the photo that #1 port on the manifold isn't round. I thought I should leave some material there are strength.


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