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After some research on my project, i found the OEM part numbers for the main parts on the air cleaner /intake matching the KL-ZE. I have not seen this info anywhere before, so i thought i could post it up here.

The parts come from the european version of the Millenia. Here we call it Xedos, and its made in two versions, the Xedos 6, and Xedos 9.
The 6 came with the smaller engine options, one of them beeing the 2.0 V6, named KF.

And guess what. Its a miniature KLZE.

This is the part print-outs i found on a russian site:

The main parts for the intake is:
Air hose: KF011-3220A
Upper ressonance chamber: KF111-3196B
VAF grommet: J5011-3214
Air box assemby: KF111-3320B
Lower ressonance chamber: KF111-319XB
Intake duct/snorkel: KF111-3200B


I have a complete Xedos 6 intake setup on the way, and i will report back on any fitting issues:)

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Well, first impression: It fits, but its not a bolt on.

There is some modification needed to get the airbox to mount up properly, but that is easy if you are handy with bolts and cutters. The biggest problem is the intake snorkel, since the Xedos6 does not fit my 626. So i need to make some sort of connection between the 626 KL snorkel, and the Xedos6 airbox.


Had to cut a part of the battery tray for it to fit:

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