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So, Its been a while since I've been around, but I found quite possibly the worst car I've ever seen. I will forever have a soft spot for the 626, but this was as if a dull plastic butter knife was used to stab me right through that soft center of 626 love.
I've been looking for cars lately, but this takes the cake as the most insane thing I've seen... ever!













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So, Its been a while since I've been around, but I found quite possibly the worst car I've ever seen. I will forever have a soft spot for the 626, but this was as if a dull plastic butter knife was us

I think my girlfriend could have come up with a better outcome using old bubble gum, and cheez whiz..

http://jalopnik.com/my-first-reaction-was-omg-kill-it-with-fire-then-it-o-482473973 http://jalopnik.com/the-touching-story-behind-that-horrifying-monster-energ-489939949

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That 626 is AWESOME! Love the creativity in the speaker placement, talk about in your face. You sure can tell lots of time and effort has been put into it and he should be able to get at least $200 out of it.


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So much work that he finished it off with a classy flat black paint job.

The whole thing is half-assed. No car deserves that kind of treatment. There is not a single thing that I can actually appreciate on the car as everything is not symmetrical, simply doesn't fit, or is a safety hazard.

To put it simply, I hate the car and it is shit. The guy should sell the wheels and destroy the car. No one will every buy that ridiculous excuse of a custom car.

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All that work and not even a KL-ZE :(

The Chotop could have been really cool if the bodykit+hoodscoop wasn't so overdone and poorly executed.

I mean this guy must have put in alot of effort, so props for that, but unfortunatly for him/her most ratrods look a hell of alot better than this.

That was spotted about 2 weeks ago and posted in the Post Pics of Funny Rice topic. Not any kind words about that vehicle.

Thanks for the reference DJ, I connected the threads with a link under the pictures in this one. Maybe we should stockpile all these pics here, they are definitely priceless.

Now when somone asks can I do _____ to my car you can simply post a image reply.


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I love it purely for the chopped roof, I always felt the roof line was way too tall on that gen, chopped looks strange, but cool.

I see the idea he was going for, and it could be achieved very well I think (not the interior), but yeah he went about it way too half-ass.

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This car again? Are you guy's sure that picture isn't some sort of virus? Its some sort of plague,.. Keep that away please,. For the love of god

I like you leev,.. And i can see you have the give of seeing past the poor workmanship,.. I also appreciate the effort given to it,..

But holy mother of,... C'mon,..are you sure that is even a car? Ugh,.. That car is making me say bad things,.. About the world,..

We should invite the person who did that and re-educate,..

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With that amount of work I'm sure the owner (who wishes to remain anonymous) has posted in the performance section about how to boost the I4 or something along those lines. You don't start a project like that without seeking out performance mods from your local community. I have no doubt the owner of that vehicle is/was a member here. Had we seen at the time what they were doing to it I'm pretty sure a lot of us would have interjected on the faults of the design work at the least.

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What I find kind of funny and hypocritical is that he said he's continuing the project on after the owner (his friend) died. So why not even a month ago did this show up on Craigslist? :dry: He doesn't have any choice but to keep the car because no one is going to buy that piece of crap monstrosity. WOOD skull as the exhaust tip. Seriously... WOOD. Just a matter of time before their own "customization" is going to result in the death of the car. We don't have to worry about trying to send this thing to the crusher it's just a matter of time.

With that aside, they did put a lot of work into it and it is unique. I'll give them that but quality is severely lacking. That's my biggest problem with it. It looks like a bunch of teenage kids with no semblence of knowledge have gone at this thing with Bondo and putty knives just because they could. I really like how they did the windows there. That's the cars neatest and highest quality modification.

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Interesting. He is converting it to RWD? Good luck with that. AND it has rear drums. Ugh...I guess the Talon rear will fix that, huh? I like the 14lbs of down force at 90mph...

I'm trying to see the potential, but I just don't see "drift car" in the future. I think his best bet is to try to make it a show car instead. The biggest issue I see is the chopped top and trying to make that flow correctly. All the other stuff is just fiberglass/finishing work...for the most part.

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Now im really feeling bad for that car,.. I need to give it atlease 1 like,..(-____-) poor car,..

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I just realized something. Why is he making it a "drift" car? Obviously it has already been more for show hence the crap-ton of speakers in the front and the gimmicky stuff. Maybe the transition will actually help this car?

I would:

  • Install a functional/legal cage
  • Install a proper seat with 6-point harness
  • Remove sound system and further gut interior
  • Ditch the body kit as a custom one has no business being on a drift car that will eventually have an accident (and it will)
  • RWD, so attempt first conversion that I've heard of

This is assuming the chopped top actually allows for a proper cage/seat to be installed. If not, the car is useless and goes back to the "show" car status. I suspect its actual fate will be the crusher which I would find satisfying.

Another thing that really bothers me are the old/worn out headlights. I would have at least upgraded to 00-02 headlights since the fitment wouldn't be an issue with the "custom" stuff.

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Could you even install make a cage for it that would be legal with the chopped roof? I know I don't have that much head room to spare with the stock seats, but maybe he likes driving in a rather reclined position.

I thought Mazda used some left over 626s converted to RWD as testing platforms when they were developing the RX8 before that launched. Am I losing my memory completely?

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I can see them doing it with a Miata, or an older rx7. But i highly doubt Mazda would spend the butt loads of money and time to convert a FWD car to RWD just to test some drivetrains. Car builders just dont go through a harder and more expensive option when they already have existing other options available typically.

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You can't have a drift car and a speaker heavy show car with a 4G63 engine. That's what really gets me is they couldn't make up their mind so it ends up being chaotic which is exactly how it looks. There was little or at least poor foresight and execution put into the project. Show car or drift car; one or the other not both, because you can't have a heavy ass drift car it just doesn't work... especially on a Talon engine. That's another point. Why the Talon engine of ALL engines to choose from? Seems most likely that the new owner is more familiar with the DSM and decided it would be easier to work with because that's the only thing he has experience with. If you are going to go through all of the trouble to convert to RWD then go with a 20B rotary for a drift car or LS1 or anything with some real power. The 4G63 is a 2.0L but it would be so much easier and cheaper to drop in a ZE and be done with it. You aren't going to make THAT heavy ass 626 (body kit, speakers, roll cage) into a drift car with a 4G63 or even a ZE. You'd have to go with something with more power like an LS1 simply due to the weight of the car with all that junk in it.

Oh Prince I believe you're thinking about Ford when they were thinking of changing the Mustang to FWD production. That concept car later became known as the Ford Probe. Yes, the Probe was to be the next Mustang... which is why our 1993-1995 2.0L automatics have EEC-IV (same diagnostic system used in Mustangs). Now it's all starting to make sense eh. ;)

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