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Bad Compression After Head Gasket Job??

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Hello guys, I have a mazda 626 LX 1999 v4 2.0. My mechanic changed the head gasket and now he is saying there is no compression. Asking another $500 to put new rings and grinding. Is this car worth it. Had done the same thing in Sept 2016, by the same mechanic. But he is saying that at that time he only did the 2 pistons. Now he had to do another 2 pistons. I have paid so much to this mechanic. Initially it started with changing the fuel pump $375, but then he said that he is seeing oil in spark plug and asked another $245 to change the head gasket. Now asking another $500 for the rings and to restore compression. Is this car worth it? He is also offering that buy a used car from him and he will give me a discount on what work he has done and dump this car. Mazda is just horrible. Never buying another mazda again.

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I've seen Oil in my spark plugs years ago after my car was missing..did Tune-up only and never had a problem since.

Find a new Mechanic. Mazda motors are some of the best,  just need to be maintained...

Also while doing a fuel pump job, he shouldn't have even been messing with the plugs or engine at all.

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Wow. I'm working on a 2002 car. Same engine and almost EXACTLY the same problem. I was excited to see this posting but then was saddened at the end as the problem didn't seem to ever get solved only an engine replacement.

I also have one other weirdness in my puzzle and that is NO spark at all on any cylinder.

I thought maybe i miss read the alignment marks or something so i pulled all covers off again and all my marks are dead on where they should be. I'm at a complete loss on this one.

Is there any other sensor on this car that would cause a 100% no spark situation?  For example I was working on a 2003 mercury mountaineer. I did a timing chain and the whole works. got it all together and I usually fire the car up for 10 seconds just to hear it before filling up the radiator and buttoning things up completly. What I learned on that motor was the coolant sensor will prevent the engine from starting without coolant. Neat feature but took a while to figure out that one. 

This care of course i already have coolant but thought if there was a sensor like that that was faulty maybe it could be a similar issue with the no spark problem.


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