Fis Mazda 626 2.5L Gt

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DE fuel rails :( at the time I got it I tought the rails where the same, but the IM is still better, and the KL47 was easy to mount.

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So alot of new stuff has happened :D


Exhaust wrapping..



Gotta wear protection!


All done :D

More engine pics ;)
























Huge thanks to Zepticon who helped me get the engine back in the car and swap my 5th gear!


Bonus :D

It runs, but I need a new gasket on the TB and replace the inner CV axle before I can run it properly.






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Thank you Prince! It has, and I have learned so much!

For example the intermediate shaft difference (Inner CV axle I mentioned above here)

And as you would guess Devon demanded pictures to see the difference so I got a few here.


The upper one is a from a 95, bottom from a 93.





Pretty sure they changed it in 95, and if I am not wrong I think Devon's "Angel" has the 95 type on his "Millenia" engine.


Just waiting for the gasket to come so I can start driving this sexy beast again =D


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Mesh grille not looking so good.  Can see all the silicone. :/  Engine looks sexy as hell!  Looking amazing, absolutely amazing.  All the body panels are the same color omg.

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So I guess it's time for an update again!

Have't done much since I got the new engine in, but I had some issues with it not running correctly when cold, I hope I got it sorted out today.

So, bought some new plugwires:

2016-08-18 14.55.44_zpsmx0u69bs.jpg

And I got myself a new type of distributor :D

2016-08-24 17.48.56_zpsnrttdnbh.jpg

Repinning it:

2016-08-24 18.48.49_zpsvcpgjlx8.jpg

Ready to test!

2016-08-24 19.22.20_zpsuuvz1yit.jpg


Video of it running:

Now I just need to get a custom coil cable =D

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