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My Cb2 626 Coupes

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I hope you guys like them as much as I do. :thumbsup:

My NA 13B Secondary Bridgeport Coupe

Installed some more contemporary seats(WRX) on the weekend. I have had them re-upholstered
in leather and suede. Just waiting for the rears to come back from the auto trimmer

New Racing Beat air filter assembly arrived on Tuesday

Shot of the 13BT Green Machine engine bay

Some group shots.

More shots to come.

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Got my rear seats back from the auto trimmer. Mmmmmm, NICE!!!!!! :biggrin:

Interior looks, feels and smells awesome. :thumbsup:





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Ausrotary Cruise today. Waiting for roritor at a sleepy little town called Newlyn.

Didn't want to waste some spare time! :smile:


Classy tow vehicle. We could have done with a food van today!



After we have caught up with the main cruise - 70ish Rotary Mazdas with a few other piston powered ones as well.

Brilliant turn out with magnificent weather.


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One of those piston powered cars was mine! I kinda felt outta place what with all the rotaries LOL but MAN what a great day! So many awesome rotaries and such nice weather!!!

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Hey mate,

yeah I know what you mean. I was quite surprised when I found that ebay ad with all the background edited out.

Maybe they sponsored the previous owner before I bought the car.

Go the 6_2 coupes!!!!!! :thumbsup:

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i'm overwhelmed..

i wish my dad had his CB2 sedan... it was so much win. I really like the interior, you should pat your saddler, very nicely done.

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Pics of my S1 coupe when it was up for sale on Discountusedcars.com. Bought her from an old guy up in Brisbane.

Flew up for a trade show, went and viewed her, and bought her on the spot! :thumbsup:






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Her first day home after being transported from Brisbane down to Melbourne, then driven to Ballarat - 1800km journey!

I had already started to modify her at our factory in Melbourne - chrome grille and headlight surrounds. The S1 coupes

came out standard with blacked out headlight and tail light surrounds, bumpers, front and rear windscreen surrounds.

Personally, I like the chrome look better.








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HOWEVER, before I bought my S1, I actually had already purchased an S2 coupe with a completely seized 2.0l engine

and was originally going to put a rotary engine in this. Bought from an old lady in Queensland. Transported it from Noosaville

down to Melbourne, and trailered it home from the factory.







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Nice cars, well done. I like the cream colored one. What size wheels are those on the cream colored one? I want to move to 15 inch wheels and need advise. I hope to swap out old suspension (struts/shocks/springs) but I want to be sure that 15 inch wheels will still fit after. I don't need the car lower than stock height but I am okay with a little less height. The P.O. cut front springs but I'm pretty sure they were spent already. The car bottoms out very easily on most anything. So for 15 inch wheel, what tire size do you think would fit without any rubbing? And do you have any links to decent springs? Firmer than stock is okay, just don't want rock hard, no give. This is a daily commuter. And stock and stut set-up? Your car looks like it sits pretty well, what would you recommend?


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Mudflaps: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MUDFLAPS-FOR-MAZDA-MODELS-UNIVERSAL-FIT-MUD-FLAP-121-323-626-2-3-5-6-MX5-RX8-ETC-/110845825011?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item19ceed0ff3

Mouldings: I can check my parts manual for genuine Mazda part numbers - so that you can ask Mazda about availability. Alternatively,

I can take some pics of the moulding profile so that you can ask your local auto accessories dealers if they have something similar.

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Those are stunning :)

I'm in love with the wheels on the Green 13BT car :o

Made by an Aussie company called Dragway - model DB16. They are 16 x 7 and tyres are 205/50 x 16. The speedo is accurate to 1kmh.

Not bad for an old banger!


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On with the story..............

So I now had 2 626 coupes - 1 roadworthy and running(the S1) and 1 not(the S2).

I decided to do all my design work for the rotary conversion using the S2. This way I could have everything made

and ready to go then take my S1 coupe off the road and convert it quickly. I did lots of searching for info about

performing this conversion and downloaded as many engine bay pics as I could find.

Now, time to get the parts I needed to do the conversion. At this point, I optimistically started collecting all the parts

I wanted plus what I had been told by the "experts" would "fit" my car!

1. 13B Engine, flywheel, clutch, starter motor

2. 5 speed Gearbox

3. 3 core Radiator

4. RX7 cross member

5. Exhaust system

6. S2 RX7 struts and brakes

7. Lower diff ratio crown wheel and pinion - anything 4.1 and above.

8. Gauges - water temp, oil temp and pressure. All "must haves" for rotary engines.

I ended up buying a really cheap auto S2 RX7 with a blown motor. This way I had a motor, struts and brakes, cross member

and exhaust. The rest of the car I wrecked and parted out.

First step - for me, was my engine. I wanted a secondary bridgeport 13B. Why, because this way I could drive the car around

"normally/sedately" on the primary ports then plant the foot and the engine would open up and sing on the secondary bridgeports.

For non rotary people, it is like having a bigger cam fitted to your piston engine that allows better breathing and more fuel

to enter the engine. Outcome - MORE POWER!!!!!!!! :devil:

So the specs of my hybrid 13B engine:

- Brand new 13B(RX4 type) housings

- S4 RX7 NA High Compression rotors

- Fully lapped and re-nitrided 12A end and tall port centre plates

- Isotropically polished eccentric shaft

- Fully balanced rotating assembly to 10,000rpm - which is the rotors, eccentric shaft and counter weight being spun to 10,000rpm and balanced.

- Factory Mazda seals with some RX8 springs thrown in to keep seals in place.

- new welsh plugs

- high pressure oil pump

- S4 RX7 water pump

- 13B inlet manifold modified to fit a 12A 4 barrel Nikki carburettor with modified mechanical secondaries.









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So, now I had my motor! Happy days!!!! :w00t: Time to make it fit.

I bolted the engine and gearbox together so that I could position them exactly where I wanted them.


So I completely stripped the driveline out of the car - except for the differential, dropped out the stuts

and removed the front guards and nose cone to give me more room to work with.



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Time to bust the first myth of performing a rotary conversion to a 626:

"Mate, the 626 and RX7 are the same.Get an RX7 cross member and it will bolt right up!" In a word,NO!!!!!!!

Following is a comparison between 626, RX7 S2 and RX4 cross members


RX7 cross member is nowhere neart the same as a 626. In actual fact its chassis mounting points are

almost 2" wider. Not to mention, the engine sits a long way back in an RX7. This will not work in a 626.

The RX4 cross member - commonly used over here to do this conversion, is the same width BUT mounts the motor

TOO FAR forward, so quite sizeable spacers are required to move the motor back.

Here is an example of some of the different cross members/ motor mounts out there.




My mission was to make a cross member or engine mounts that did not require cutting or welding to the

chassis rails. I am a firm believer of being able to reverse - with minimal damage or headaches, any modifications

I perform whether inside or out.

First priority was to make brackets that would mount top and bottom of the chassis rails, use crush spacers in between

and bolt the mounts into position.



Second priority was to make sure the gearbox lined up exactly with the existing hole in the transmission tunnel.

I wanted to be able to keep my centre console. I like things looking factory. Position is good! :thumbsup:


I don't like things that look like this! :(


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