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Bose Factory Amplifier Bypass How To

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Playing with my new car I just couldn't get used to this crappy sound that my radio is putting out. After researching, this car was equipped with the Bose system and someone made a poor attempt to bypass it using the splice connectors. the sound sucked to say the very least. So I done it the more factory looking way. Here's how I done it.

-Items needed:

-Wire cutters

-Electrical tape

-Shrink tubing with cigarette lighter

-Soldering gun with solder (optional)


After chasing what wires go where, I'm proud to pass on my knowledge to others who want to make their harness look factory. So let's start.

#1. Remove the side panel to gain access to the Amp connector on the passenger side just behind the radio in the foot well.

#2. Once when the connector is in your hand, disconnect it and cut 6 inches off the amp side of the harness.

#3. Remove enough shielding off all of the wires minus the black wire, pink/blue, and gray/black wires. I believe those power the amp up. We don't care about those 3.

#4. Here's the fun part. Join the following wires together:

blue/orange to white/red

orange to light green

red/blue to light blue/black

blue/white to purple/white

green/orange to light blue

green/black to white/orange

yellow/green to brown

red to yellow

#5. You can take the time to solder the wires together or use the the shrink tubing. I just taped them together. But when you're finished, it should look something like this.


Good luck and have fun!!!!

EDIT: BTW, I used the electrical tape and wrapped up the whole thing so it don't look as messy, here's the final results:


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