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Uk Probe/626/mx6 Maf Cleaning Procedure - Adamk

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Note: I have not done this procedure on a Euro-spec Probe myself, but a fellow Prober from the UK has been kind enough to help out and supply me with his procedure and photos of his MAF.

Thanks Michael Crummy!!!


You can follow the steps to clean the MAF on: the previous page, With the exception of the following:

As you can see the setup is different from that of the US models. It appears as if he has all of the same (or similar) connectors that I do, just they are in different locations.

The MAF and the Air box cover are one piece and cannot be seperated.


This is the MAF assembly as it needs to be disassembled and removed from the engine compartment.

The MAF is attached by an L-shaped bracket - only 2 bolts need to be removed and the MAF slides out of its rubber seal.


This is a picture of the under side of the air box cover, looking at the MAF. Unlike the US version, that screen is not removable.

It should still be cleaned with carburetor cleaner to remove any deposites that could restrict air flow, or fall into the sensor.


Here we have the MAF as seen from the engine side of the assembly. It is a completely different type of sensor that we have in the US, but it accomplishes the same thing.

Gently spray the sensor in the center, with carb. cleaner. DO NOT TOUCH IT. Continue spraying it until there are no visable deposites.

Allow all of the carburetor cleaner to evaporate, then reassemble and check for proper operation. If this sensor was visably dirty, you should notice your engine runs smoother throughout the power curve.

Original Source no longer live: geocities.com/adamk01452/

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