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Adamk Common Issues And Solutions For Probe/626/mx6

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WIP these pages will be linked over the next few days:

1.) Does your 2.0L idle low, stall when you put it in Neutral or come to a stop? Does the idle seem to drop down below 500 rpm's then surge back up, making the car shutter? Does the idle speed seem to be stuck at a certain rpm that's out of spec (too high or too low)?

If so try cleaning your IAC Bypass Valve. Carbon deposits can build up and make the valve stick in the wrong position, allowing the wrong amount of air into the engine at idle.

2.) Lacking power form your 2.0L power plant even though you just did a basic tune-up? Does the car seem to surge as you accelerate up through the power band? Getting poor gas mileage? Do you have 100k miles or more?

If so, I recommend you do this procedure to clean your MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. Basically this sensor tells the cars computer how much air is getting pulled into the engine. If the sensor is dirty, it IS giving false readings to the computer. Which makes the computer is give false commands to the various engine components to try to adjust for the dirty sensor. For a more detailed explanation of what is going on, read this.

3.) Do you have an annoying ticking/clattering sound from the top end of you engine (2.0L or 2.5L)? Chances are you have the common HLA tick. HLA's (Hydraulic Lash Adjusters) are the 'Lifters' in our engines. They act like little balloons, that inflate with oil to take up the slack between the valves and the camshafts. When these 'balloons' deflate a little they can no longer take up this slack. In which case you get that ticking noise as the cam lobe taps the HLA on every revolution. The 2.5L also has an issue with the friction gear, and carbon knock that causes a similar sound. To read what Ford has to say about this in their 1996 TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) read these:

Be patient, these link to large image files:

Page 01 - Introduction

Page 02 - Diagnosis chart 1

Page 03 - Engine Compartment 1

Page 04 - Carbon Knock (common on '93 and '94 GT's)

Page 05 - Engine Compartment 2

Page 06 - Carbon Knock and Friction Gear

Page 07 - Friction Gear and HLA Noise

Page 08 - HLA Diagnosis Chart

Page 09 - Oil Pump causing HLA tick

Page 10 - Last Page

Original Source no longer live: geocities.com/adamk01452/

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