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Audio Aux-In Modification For '01 Miata With Bose

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This page is intended to compliment several other wonderful pages that are already available on the web. I don't go into much detail about the connections as that is pretty well covered on these other pages (be sure to read the NOTE below, however). Before going any further, you should spend some time examining these links:


NOTE: The last link Pin Descriptions lists (link also available as pdf: Sound Systems Bose.pdf)pin #1 of the Auxiliary Connector as being the RIGHT channel input and pin #3 as the LEFT channel input. This is the opposite of what is listed in a couple of the other links. The Pin Descriptions page has the correct information. Pin #1 is RIGHT and Pin #3 is LEFT.

Also thanks to the Pin Descriptions page, I discovered that Pin #9 on the 16-pin connector is +12v when the ignition key is in the ACC position. This makes it simple to "tap" the necessary +12v to route through a 1K ohm resistor, then through the new switch, and then on back to Pin #6. Flip the switch and the factory radio goes into "LINE" input mode. Sweet!

Before today, the most difficult part of this project was finding a way to connect the necessary wires to the 16-pin AUX connector. Well, thanks to a tip I read on the FAQ page, I discovered that Molex KK Housing & Terminals 8-Circuit Interconnects (normally used on PC boards) work PERFECTLY for this. You simply use a square of 3M mounting tape to piggyback two of the Molex connectors and you are home free. The double-decker home-brew 16-pin connector slides right into the back of the factory stereo like butter!

Image 1: Here's a FRONT view of the two Molex KK Interconnects attached together with 3M foam tape. The wires will go out the back.



Image 2: Left to Right:

  • The little snap off panel from the passenger side
  • 1/8" female stereo jack
  • SPST rocker switch


Image 3: I mounted the rocker switch and 1/8" jack into the snap off panel.


Image 4: The SPST rocker switch is wired across Pin #6 and Pin #9 on the 16-pin connector. A 1K ohm resistor was used in-line (it is hidden under the split loom protector).


Image 5: The completed home-brew 16-pin connector.


Image 6: I used shielded 3-conductor (2 wires plus a ground shield) cable to connect the audio lines.


Image 7: I used a 1/8" stereo plug right-angle adapter to help prevent a passenger from accidently knocking against the cable leading to my iPod.


Image 8: Update 1/21/04 - I've added a Really Nice Cell Phone bracket from Serious Auto and a clamping cell phone holder. The iPod sits nicely in plain view with easy access to the iPod's controls.


Image 9: Update 1/21/04 - I've also added a Griffin PowerPod cigarette lighter adapter to keep the iPod's battery all charged up. The short Firewire cable came from the Apple Store and I shortened the audio cable myself for a nice neat installation.


The original soure: members.cox.net/zoomzoom/ has disappeared into the netherworld of the internet, the article above is a repost of it taken from: http://web.archive.org/web/20100213151325/http://members.cox.net/zoomzoom/auxinmod.html

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Is there a wiring diagram that can be drawn out to go a little more in detail? I get confused when you get to the "Pin #9 on the 16-pin connector" section of the post. I'm considering doing this tomorrow if I can get a better understanding. Thanks for your help.

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