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Resurrecting Content Project

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This subforum was created with the intent to help revive dead and missing content from the internet, to re-host it, and make it available again to al 626, probe, mx6 drivers.

Also Content that is on unstable hosts like comcast, geocites, etc is also acceptable for backup. If any of your content is hosted here and you would like it removed please contact support@mazda626.net


1) Post the Article in Text

2) Attach all original images

3) Attach OCRed PDF's of the pages(text must be copyable from PDF's)

Feel free to contribute!

Current Pages being ported to mazda 626.net:

Call Dibs in a Reply if you are converting them:

HEI Distribution Ignitions

All About CV Joints


TurboTimer Geocities Article: http://web.archive.o...335/myturbo.htm

http://homepage.ntlw...lf/malfcode.htm full grab in relation to: http://mazda626.net/...gine-light-cel/

KLZE Guide Mesh Them All for one kick butt guide:




Include Vacuum Diagrams

Include Wiring Diagrams

Attached Documents are also available for conversion:

IAT Sensor Modification

Timing Belt

From Mike P's Site CEL


IAT Sensor modification.pdf


This is from Mike P's site originally.pdf


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