Egr Inspection & Cleaning (1993-2002)

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What do you mean it needs to be plugged in?  Why would the egr need to be attached to the manifold?  Is that how it's grounded?  If it's plugged in to the ecu then there wouldn't be any way to test the resistance on the pins...



  You cannot remove the part and take it inside and set your A/C to 78F because the test requires the sensor to be plugged in on the car.


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Sailor got a point, I tested my EGR valve off the car, the messurements was close to the specs and it wasn't plugged in, but what I believe Dj ment was that the EGR has to be plugges in to test it if it's working correctly while under load, and you can take some needles and press into the wires to read out the ohm's.

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