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Zepticon's Worklog (626 And Rx-7)

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Since my old thread have totaly derailed and contains both 626, Celica, and now an MX-6, i think its time to make a new, grand and epic combined build thrad that will contain everything i even think about modding. For now, will start with my tree cars:

Mazda 626 GT - 2.5L V6 KL31 (KLZE)
The first car i bought myself, and the car that started my entire autophile career. When i bought it in 2005, it was a very booring and 100% stock 1,8l 626 LX. LX means it has _no_ extras, not even electric windows. 5 minutes after i handed over the cash to the previous owner, i did the first mod. The first of many.

Current Mods:
- Enkei 17" rims with 215/45-17 tires
- TruBendz/Magnaflow Exhaust

- OBX Headers

- OEM Euro Lip-kit
- Koni shocks and Cobra springs.
- JDM KL-31 engine, also known as the KL-ZE
- Full King6Fab rear suspension
- mFactory LSD

Future plans: VIP-look
- Mazdaspeed 6 Front and Rear brakes.
- BBS-LM 17" Rims (Gold with polished edge)
- Full Paintjob in dark/charcoal gray.
- Full Body Makeover
- Full Custom Leather interior (OEM look)
- Sound dampening the entire car.
- Install OEM Aircondition
- Install ABS
- Fully rebuildt 11.5:1 engine, with COP ignition, E85 map and possible ITBs
- Full Window tint

Mazda RX-7 - 13B-REW
After my garage and entire collection of MX-6 and Celica parts was gone, i saw a chance to step up the game and get an RX-7.

So i found a super low mile, mint condition 94 mod in Germany, and i got on a plane to get it. I later found out that there is only sold about 250 94-95 models in Europe, so its quite a unique car.

So far it will be a stock/OEM looking car, with only minor exterior and interior mods. The engine will get some love later, and the aim is 400rwhp.


Current Mods:
- BBS "Postert" 17" rims
- Remus "Postert" Mid-back exchaust

- De-badged and de-winged.


Future plans: OEM-love
- Spirit-R/RZ big brake setup
- Spirit-R Leather interior pieces (Steering wheel, shifter and e-brake)

- Black RZ Recaro seats
- 2000+ white gauges with boost gauge

- 2-DIN headunit

- 99-spec front and rear bumpers (except wing)

- Feed carbon sidesteps

- Carbon rear diffuser

- Carbon 99-style front lip

- Bi-Xenon retrofit


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Haha i would do the same to get a chance to scavenge in your scrapyards! Here they are shit and there is never anything juicy! Was at it yesterday aswell, and after 3 hours in the garage, i managed t

So a small update from me. Just had the 626 at the biennial vehicle test, and passed it with more or less flying colors :) I only had an error with the passeger side safety belt not working properly,

Tried some Autoslalom today :D

Posted Images

Since my old thread have totaly derailed and contains both 626, Celica, and now an MX-6

It doesn't take long, huh? Mine's pretty derailed, too!

- Mazdaspeed 6 Front and 98+ Mazda 626 Rear brakes.


I'm not sure how the 626 calipers are with seizing, but I know the P5's had that rep, as well, so I'm not sure how much of a long term solution it is.

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2 sets of 626 floormats ordered. Now i need to figure a way of dying one of the sets.

Anyone got any idea what they are made of? Im guessing polyester, nylon or acrylic, all of which is a bitch do dye :S

Still trying to get hold of the MX-6 mats. And also a good condition MX6 steeringwheel.

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Well, right now alot of good things are comming, in the mail :D

- Used set of USDM MX6 floormats

- Used USDM MX6 steeringwheel (with tits and airbag, gona try and get it working in the 626 with the airbag)

- Two sets of brand new USDM 626 floormats

- A set of KLDE retainers (for the last 12 springs that still have the old DE/ZE retainers)

- "Altezza" style MX6 rear lights (dont worry, they will be fixed to look good , trust me ^^)

- Xtremethings modded ECU (plug and play chip, my attempts to chip didnt work very well xD )

Allready planned what the next paycheck is gona be burned on :D

Either im gona build a loft over my spot in the workshop for storage, or start buing parts for the KLZE shine-up.

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man that car looks clean. you really need to source a set of american M-edition tails for it though. those euro tails look horrid. lol

I have a plan regarding tails (and headlights), but im not sure how it will come through.





I like the single-sided reverse light. Reminds me of the Skyline (and probably any other car not from the US, lol).

Wow, Norway sounds so much worse than California, and I thought that was the hell hole of car modding..

Isnt cali all about smog? here you need a signature from the pope to change your rims:P

Oh yeah, no pressure bro. I know you can do something like this. Check out that interior, omgg...


There you have it :D Just not black color but charcoal gray or something.

My 626 and MX6 will probably end up as twins :D Both same almost black color and gold rims :D BBS lemans for the 626 and Mazdasped MS-01S for the MX6



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The postman came by and dropped of some stuff:

- MX6 tinted chrome rear lights (was supprised how good they looked out of the box, now i just have to find out how to make em look awsome :D)

- MX6 OEM USDM floor mats

- MX6 OEM USDM steeringwheel with airbag. This is going in the 626:)

- MX6 JDM foglights

And stil in transit:

- 626 OEM USDM floormats

- Mazdaspeed MX6 side skirt (only have one side, but will use it to make a replica for the other side :D This is actually an original Mazdaspeed part )

Will get pictures soon :)

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