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2001 626 Auto Shifting Problem?

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I recently purchased a 2001 Mazda 626 with 115000 kms on it.

very nice car.

but i find that when accelerating (slowly or quickly) i find there is a severe loss of power when shifting from 2nd to 3rd. it is almost like a really bad standard shift. where you will be accelerating adn then all of a sudden your whole body is thrown forward for a split second before the new gear kicks in.

The transmission is not slipping from whay I can tell. the rpms DO NOT skyrocket during the shift. the shift lasts about 1 second and happens whether you are driving it hard or miss daisy. when it shifts, car returns to normal operation and the shift into overdrive is fine.

not sure if this is related or not : once in awhile, not too often, when accelerating slowly or holding at about 20k/hr, it will make a whining sound for a split second, kinda like a pump running dry, or like a blower motor that is about to die in the dead of winter. this sound is related to the accelerator. possibly to the transmission. just hoping its not a torque converter or the tranny itself.

I read that changing the transmission fluid would be a good place to start and I will be doing that this week.

I know this is relating to the transmission, but to me it sounds more electrical than mechanical. but im no mechanic.

is there a computer that can be reset? or is this a common issue with Mazda or any automatic transmission.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help!

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