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Euro Lip Kit For Mazda 626 Ge Hatch?

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Find a 4WS Telstar TX5 (AX or AY). They had a lip kit standard, but are pretty uncommon.

The sides are the same, front and rear sections are slightly different compared to the Euro-spec 626 lip (as the TX5 bumper is a slightly different shape, but not by much). Still easy enough to fit.

I have a fully restored kit sitting in my garage - but that is not going anywhere! :)

As for the wheels, that will be fine - stock 15's are 45 offset (6" wide for GE1, 6.5" for GE2). 7" wide with same offset will be 6mm less clearance on the inside and sit out 6mm on the outside which is perfectly fine. Suggest getting a 215/40 or 225/40 profile to keep as close as you can to the stock rolling diameter would be ideal as well. Personally I'd go for the 225.....215's look silly.

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