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Yeah its illegal - I had to strip it off a mates car when he copped a canary over it. and if you have an accident that's not even your fault with someone running up your ass, guess who is blamed?? Your insurance company will drop you like a hot potato for a defective vehicle and it can end up being an expensive lesson. Went through it all with my mate with cops, insurance and the RTA - so its first hand stuff not hearsay. May sound extreme, but insurance companies will try and weasel out of paying anyone if they can.

I have seen a few cars with the black pantyhose done and it looks good, but not very weather resistant. But if you are in an accident, you have a defective car and so on from above......

All exterior lighting have safety laws the engineers must adhere to. If you go and make the head or tail lights less effective then you'll be at fault immediately. What I did was actually the opposite. I made my rear blinker white and actually had someone comment that I got my tail lights reversed. Never gotten in trouble for it but I know it's not legal (red or amber bulbs required). I'm not against tail light tinting but you've got to know what the implications are in the mod. If you're going to go against the traffic laws be prepared to pay fine, tickets, and insurance premiums.

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the rule is that amber can be tinted if it does not hamper the colour and luminosity. with reds no go as they dim really easy once you start tinting.

however, how confident do you feel trying to explain that to a cop that is not sure what is legal/Vicroads/ADR approved, that should be your real question ;)

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Me I'm working on custom tails for my 626 and they will have a 5% tint to them. I have the plans drawn out but I jus need to find the perfect lighting structure for inside the tails. I might go with some from the newer Sonata's. I like my factory tails but I think they could use some updated style jus not too extreme like a lot of these euro lights (-.-; )

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