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Grounding Kits Group Buy

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Aaallllrighty so it looks like not enough ppl are interested. Since I didn't get any responses from Xeno and NDM, I think I'm gonna consider this bulk buy a failure. I'll email the guy in two days time so if anyone is still interested, let me know!

Sorry man, this seems to be the way most bulk buys I've seen turn out. Everyone's interested until it's time to turn over the money. I'd hate to work in sales. :blink:

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Yeah pretty much what I've seen happen as well. It's not not njintau_fsd fault. It's rare that there is a product so good that enough people are interested in and have enough money for a group buy. In this case though it was only $65. Not like we're talking a $1200 per person coilover group buy. I suppose most people feel they aren't really necessary (they probably aren't) unless you are having electrical grounding issues in which case it's best to take care of it yourself. Thanks for trying njintau_fsd, community involvement is appreciated in all forms.

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