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1989 Telstar Hatch Resto/mod/build Thread.

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So you may have already seen pictures of my car lurking elsewhere on the internet. I thought I would share my build with you. My cardomain has over 300+ pics of it so far in various stages - have a look if you want to see progress unfold step by step, I won't be transfering them all here. I don't know if anyone else is still into GD hatches, I still am (lol I always liked them from day one, literally. I probably always will be.)

The first time I ever remember seeing a GD hatch was way back in 1990. It like mine was in Telstar form but in white and grey (I like the 626 just as much for the record.) I can remember looking out the window at it at a friends house and thinking "one day I will own a car like that."

So the story pauses here. Fast forward to early 2006. I get a ride in a stock black and grey Telstar, much like the one 16 years earlier. I know nothing about these cars yet. Apart from the fact that they are front wheel drive and they all seem to be carby. My dads friend driving it is putting it through its paces (winds out first - 60 km/h, then second just under 120 km/h - then he backs off. I'm thinking to myself wow this old thing goes pretty hard. He lets me drive it. As its not mine Im not so rough with it. Can't believe how fast this thing is. I hadn't seen the engine, the factory dohc badges were missing off the guards so here I was thinking its single cam carby. I also thought it was weird that a 1.8 sohc carby could move like that, this is beating my 4afe Corolla (although its slower than a wet week, but it was twin cam injected.)

Its getting dark when I finally get my first glimpse of the gold rocker cover with "FORD DOHC 16 VALVE" imprinted on it. So thats why its no slouch I thought. The guy is selling the car. I am liking that car alot. I tell him I am keen on it. A week later it is mine. Still like it as much as I did the first time I rode in it. I still like it as much as I did all those years ago in 1990.

As we all know with old cars stuff wears out. So why not get a slightly stiffer clutch? Or Slightly lower springs? Well I hated the stock 14"s from the start - I wanted the 15" standard 626 white swirl rims, but there were none for sale, I didn't plan on 17's but they looked so good I couldnt refuse.

So this is the classic sport hatch, now with extra zoom. Enjoy!! Comments welcome.




2243704_34_full.jpg normal.jpg

During painting (I am a carpainter. $1000 alone for paint, at cost price!)

Colour is PPG Deltron Pantherschwartz - panther black.




Suspension assembly

susp assy.jpg

Engine replacement (damaged original engine block when broke headgasket)


GetAttachment ngin.jpg

How she once was..... she will rise once again, better and stronger than ever......


That has to be one of my favourite pics.

And this is how she stands now. Rust cut out, plates welded in.








Also I am painting this.

Its made by Top Town - ultra rare AT Telstar body kit, never seen another one.

It is similar to Australia's Fibermaster one.


bodykit 003.JPG

Only have rear bumper on, painting spoiler and sides off the car.

Currently have the C pillar in primer surfacer. Color annd clearing over the next few days.






















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Active ingredient = Little microscopic pink bunnies with big baskets, running around the engine picking up all the yucky stuff,...hmm

I really enjoy seeing the builds where people do things the right way. Have you had good results using POR 15? I've heard great things about it.

That thing screams "boost"

Posted Images

Thanks guys. Got straight into it after work. Took the fenders off cos cars always rot under there. I was surpised, it was really good under there all in all. Still sanded everything and the left side (rustier than the right) is now coated in black POR-15. Tomorrow the right side gets done. It was dark when I finished.




sanded primed C pillar. Needed a better day for spraying.


Believe it or not there are worse cars than this driving around. Although it was pretty average overall rustwise I don't think it was quite ready for the junkyard. Could have done a quick bog/bondo job, but I would rather have my car looking mint and done properly. I already did a quick bog up once before and sprayed a nice layer of paint, this time Im going to do it right. Should be good for another 10 years or so. Maybe if I still have it then I will do a total bare metal respray.





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It seems to be good so far. Expensive stuff, thick texture. Just been brushing it on, so I only use it where water could get trapped lol don't want brush marks where they can be seen. Would spray it but I dont have a compressor.

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It's a paint for rust. I'm not sure if it chemically deactivates the rust (I know some of the products do), but it's supposed to seal it up and prevent it from coming back. As with anything rust related, it's just a matter of time. I think the finished product ends up like primer, which you can probably leave, but it's more protection and looks nicer if you paint over it with a nicer coat.

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I think it works chemically - it reacts with solvents, it dosen't like prepsol and you just brush on over the rust (get rid of the flakey scale shit and degrease first.). I did both sides even though the rust was just top and bottom and I sparyed over with cavity wax. As it was just surface rust under there which I sanded off, that should be all good for a few years. Both sides are done now, it looks pretty good so far


Before I started.


This is the lower left inner well. Both were in similar contion. I was part way through sanding. Now its all in paint.

Car currently;


left side


right side. Camera is now flat, if the weather holds out I am going to colour over the primer in the boot.





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I've heard so many good things about POR-15. My MG needs it badly and once I get into the MX-5, who knows. Those drain plugs like to get clogged...

Great work so far. It's nice that you are addressing them now before the rust eats it all away.

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The slats covering the hatchback rear windshield. They are really great for keeping out the sun. In Florida and hot climates they help a lot to keep the interior cooler by not allowing the sun through the rear window. They also kind of act like heatsinks. You don't really find too many cars with them anymore because they do block a lot of the rear view.

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this is a telstar right? so its a ford telstar with louvres, not a 626.

now a 5 door 626 with them would look cool i think.

tripped me out seeing the motor with the ford badge on it. make me do a double take. lol

i ripped the ford badge of the motor so fast when i had my pgt...made me sick seeing it there lol.

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The louvers are just flat black plastic. Meat lones would be cool, did they ever make them for GD's? I saw some metal louvers on a GC coupe once it was mint as. Wouldnt mind mine painted semi-gloss black, but the plastic is thin and it looks difficult to work with. Gloss black would be OTT, especially as I am adding a spoiler (factory style but its after market).

Have sprayed the repair in the boot with color. While it dried I did this;




just primer and cableties for now lol - a good scrub with 600 grit and I will color it and screw it in properly once done. Ran out of grey primer so had to use red,dont really care its just primer, I am going to topcoat. Even in crappy red primer it looks so badass!

Hope to have the boot and the bumper done by friday.




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So the weather turned to dogshit which really pissed me off cos I wanted to start doing clearcoat on the bootlid. However I get to do 2 things;

- ventilation duct for a ram air tube (going to make custom piping and heatsheild and move the pod closer to the guard).

I will attach it properly once its all painted.


In basecoat! Will do a clearcoat on it. Its 1k paint, the car was sprayed in 2k, but you need a booth for that. Plus as it is a lip it will end up with stonechips and such so 1k is easier for future repairs. The quater panel is going to be done in 2k.










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Have been working on the car on and off, thanks to the weather. Finished bodywork on top of the A - pillar where the antenna used to be. Its in white etch primer just like the quarter panel for now. I have black 2K primer but the weather is shit rain and more rain as you can tell by the water on the car. It has rained for 2 weeks straight almost.

P1010183.JPG P1010182.JPG

The headlights look a little different now. Painted the inside of the housings, if you are wondering. Looks decent, still bright.

P1010180.JPG P1010181.JPG

For some reason the paint on the front bumper turned out greenish - it wasn't the final product anyway - want to fiberglass both parts together plus I just got some white led driving lights which I will be moulding into the upper bumper.





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