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93-97 626 Body Kits

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Do you think the MX6 hood and front bumpers can be swapped onto a 626? I actually found an MX-6 in my local junkyard. They just got it in last week.

Im pretty sure you need to cut, but im not sure, you will atleast need "everything" from the front, both fenders, fender inserts, hood, bumper etc etc

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I did a bit of looking and didn't find much. I can't really think of any other cars that have similar body lines, since our gen is so roundy... Maybe the MX6?

What if you made your own, taking inspiration from this, or something similar, or actually found one and grafted it on?

All mazda models form the 90s would work. Xedos, 929, RX7.

Also its not needed to be rounded on the other car, but usualy the people who designed the cars got skills, and they know how to make things flow together.

Styling companies, does not always ahve the same insight (just look at the veilside MR2 who looks hideous).

I am thinking of doing a 626ifisation of the new mazda 6 body, toning the edges down and adapting it to the 626 more rounded shapes.

But i will probably do alot of testing before i get it right.

If you realy want to take it to another level, buy a 626 model car, get some clay, cut of the front and rear bumper, and start playing with the clay.

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I'd be more concerned with the dimensions of the hoods matching up. I'm sure it would look great if possible but the light housings on the MX-6 are different. One way or another the hood would have to be modified. Where the front bumper splits under the headlight is straight vertical. On the MX-6 it has an angle of maybe 45 degrees. I could fix that. Matching the headlight socket is way beyond my skill level.

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It's a big assumption, but I would guess that they would fit the same holes since as far as I know the chassis (is that the plural form also? lol) are the same. One difference I just noticed was that fenders have a wave in them about half way up that continues into the doors, and the 626 lacks that.

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Dj, if you were able to make this kit then I'd definitely buy it off you! It looks awesome and I like the fact that it still has the full size fog lights in it.

Would you consider designing side skirts and a rear bumper to suit this front bumper?

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If I were to make a kit it would probably be a one-off for myself. I'm not interested in making them for others. I mean I would if I had the facility and capability. That would be pretty nice. I've fallen in love with the offset mazda logo like it used to be in the 80's. Heck maybe all I really need to do is modify the grill and forget the whole body kit thing. Anyway this is the closest design that I like. If you like the other one go for it but I'm sorry I have no plans to ever produce these if that's what you're asking.


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Like Prince said a while back, I'm no fan of body kits and the 626 kits imo are way too blocky and Fast and the Furious'ey. I really liked bonestock's kit and am a big fan of the Automoderna kit that Zepticon has on his car. Now if you can find the Automoderna kit and put that on, your car will look sick. Too bad they're somewhere in Lithuania.

This might be a great project to come up with your own design, maybe even adapt another model car's bumper to fit your own. Imo a good kit is something that looks good but also looks kinda stock; essentially it looks good but looks like it came from the factory to those who're not familiar with the car.

Btw, Slow_motion, how are ya man? Its been sometime since I've seen you on the forums...

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