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German 626 V6 [updated]

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Hey guys.

Long time has passed...

Thank you all for reading this thread.

The black 626 is sadly history, it has been destroyed by the following owners.

It was great time with the best car ever.





Follower is a BMW e39.



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Nooooooooooo! That's really sad news.  You had one of the world most beautiful 626's.  :(  Thanks for coming back to update everyone.  Wish you the best Drachenflug I'll never forget your 626.  Really neat that you were able to keep the same license plate number from the old 626 and put it on your BMW e39.   Glad you have plenty of pictures to always keep with you.

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It's only affecting this page.  Looks like previous pages still have good images.  Maybe he changed image host? 


Looks like Drachenflug deleted some of the images hosted at pichost.de?  For whatever reason they're missing.  That shouldn't have happened though.  Our server should have downloaded those images and hosted them.  Will contact an admin about this.

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