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Man, that one got me right in the car feels. The pictures you've been taking are really nice, but seeing a car in motion is just different, and I'm fumbling for words. It just looks fantastic. 

The way it goes over bumps and undulations in the road really makes me miss my 626.

Nice work, Leev. 

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Did the coil conversion, found out the contacts on the ignitor and ignitor plug are VERY corroded, and after the MSD coil was installed, the corrosion became the weak link. I actually had to spend som

Turbo swap 100% done.                    

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Thanks man, I appreciate that. It's very tight and sensitive on the road, I think it's a touch too light for how stiff it now is.
Someday I'll properly weight balance it.


Camera car in the video is my friend Jim in his mark 4 supra, lol. I can kinda keep up with his stock-ish mark 3, but his twin turbo 2JZ walks right past me.





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I haven't bumped this since november? Wow...


Well I'm not dead..


Recently installed:

FMIC, charge piping and intake redone. T-bolt clamps.

MSD 6al box w/ tach adapter. Temporary install location.

Full 2.5 stainless mandrel exhaust, 2.5 dual outlet Spintech muffler.

$15 fog lights painted with Krylon 'stained glass, canary yellow'

Yonaka front coilovers installed. Rears going on eventually.

03-05 Mazda 6 front brake upgrade in progress. Almost ready for install.

Euro spec two tone side mirrors.








Old OEM rotor I had lying around, next to Rockauto special Mazda 6 rotor. (2X drilled slotted rotors for $80) Meh.







More to come probably. Lots left to do, a couple things in the works.


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The Yonakas were a substantial improvement from the GC+KYBs. I like them very much.

It's been a complicated week, this happened friday night:


In the middle of the turn, the driver side front wheel locks up and no correcting affected anything. Couldn't save it.


Damage: Driver side subframe, hub, control arm, camber plate, caliper, wheel, tire.

Replaced: Driver side subframe, hub, control arm.









A lot left to do.

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I really fail at updating, sorry.


Regarding the crash;

My best guess, and from what I found, the front left wheel locked up. The caliper somehow lost the top bolt and rotated against the wheel (I think). There was a deep gouge in the rotor. Something locked up. You can hear the one tire squealing in the video, I wasn't braking after I felt it slip, but one wheel was.


Stopping power has increased, and it feels okay. However, I still have clapped out drums in the back.

I have new rear rotors, bearings and seals waiting. I'll do a rear disk swap very soon.


The head gasket blew (or headbolts just stretched) maybe 2 months ago while trying to stay neck and neck with a MKIII supra.. But it made very little impact on 'driveability', as the coolant wasn't mixing yet, and it just drank a jug of coolant every one/two weeks or so.


Last saturday it finally mixed and was smoking at idle. I had to get to work on sunday so I drove on it, but monday morning I started the head swap. 10-4 two days, all done.

-Good, reman head, new gasket (duh)

-ARP head studs

-Colt Tri-Flow cam


Compressing, removing, and reinstalling dual valve springs with even a pretty good dedicated tool, is a nightmarish hellscape. I never want to do it again. I'm paying a cylinder head shop to do it. Takes me 1 hour to do one cylinder, 3 springs. (compress, remove, swap, compress, reinstall).


Those tiny valve keepers can go ahead and #### themselves.



Only pictures I took:







It's back to full health. But I probably didn't mention the headgasket in the first place.




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