Cheap Vcg ... Worried?

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I am going to replace my Valve Cover Gaskets sometime soon, so I got online to order them.

I was expecting to find them for 25 or so each. However, partstrain had them for $10 each. Does anyone know anything about these and should I be worried?

Link: http://www.partstrain.com/store/details/Mazda/626/Replacement/Valve_Cover_Gasket/1999/ES/6_Cyl_2-dot-5L/REPM312901.html

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Well, I have used VCG from ebay with success on the front. the first one leaked after awhile, but the second one was good. At $10 each I would give it a try at lease on the front and see what you think since that is straight forward and about an hour tops job. It looks like it also comes with the bolt grommets. Looks like they probably were a lot more at one time and are now on clearence. BUY THEM!


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