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You'd need to fabricate some custom engine mount points (welding required). The 5th gen B truck actually used the same engine from the 3rd gen 626. It would actually be easiest to swap in another F2

Only way to know is to take them apart and compare for yourself.  Esp. with a used motor, you don't really know what's in there unless you inspect it carefully.  I'm not sure you'll be able to tell by

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If you are asking what the difference looks like on a straight neck vs curved neck then here's a photo. 




Also do not confuse a KLDE or KLG4 with a KLZE manifold.  They all look very similar.  The ZE neck has a much longer straight neck.




ZE long straight neck




However you cannot identify an engine simply by looking at the intake manifold.  You must look at the stamps on the heads.

KLZE = KL31-101 & KL31-1A1

KLDE = KL-101 & KL-1A1



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3 hours ago, FIS said:

Yes that's Drachenflug's 626, but how the hell can a BMW use the same license plates as a 626? Unless he put them on just to drive it, in which case it's illegal O.o

He doesn't drive the 626 anymore. He registered his New car, the BMW, with his old license plates. the 626 was Sold long time ago. But in case you want to drive two cars with one license plate, we have some special for that. :-D 

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