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Shifting Problems

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I went out to drive my 1998 626 automatic with OD on the shifter... it wouldnt go into reverse......Called Aamco.. they came and towed it... said that the clutch had broken up in the transmission and 2800.00 later; transmission rebuilt and driving.

WELL then they told me to have it back for a check after 500 miles...so on the day I go to do this, i stop at my daughter's school and it wont shift into Park..!

I drive over to Aamco...

Now they tell me that I need a new shifter kit assembley (670.00) plus labor.! Something about the rod inside the shifter not connecting and being worn at the end and will not let the lever move into park.

Now, I'm wondering... has anyone else had these problems?? And.. does the first time when it wouldnt go into reverse have anything to do with now it not going into Park? I called just a regular Mazda Technician at a Mazda dealership and he says he has never encountered the shifter problem..and that when Aamco replaced the transmission they would have had to remove the shifter lever to remove the transmission.

So...shouldn't it still be covered by the transmission warranty stuff?

I would like to know if anyone else have had these shifting problems??



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All sorts of things can happen when it comes to someone rebuilding and replacing the transmisison. I too would suspect something odd when someone would tell me there was a problem with the shifter, there is not much too them, but it is possible. It is also possible, although unlikly, that they damaged something with the shifter when removing the transmission. Generally you do not need to remove or fuss with the shifter to remove the transmission.

According to my Haynes, which may not be the most reliable but gives a reference, there is some adjustments that can be done and some fuses for actuators that will not allow for certain movment of the shifter depending on the situation. (like not allowing it to be moved to R from D unless the brake is depressed).

That actuator would be my first guess, either there is a power problem, brake switch problem, or the actuator is the problem... remember that is just a Guess, without being able to get in the car to check it makes it difficult to say for sure.

One way to check would be to have someone in the car hit the brakes while you watch and see if the brake lights come on. If so your brake light switch ("BOO" switch is what its called) is working.

I would check with as many friends that you have to find a reputable shop to take it too, or even a friend with some mechanical expertise that could help.

Good luck.


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