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When my lifters started ticking, I asked the guy at AutoZone what he recommended. He pointed me to Marvel Mystery Oil.


He said it acted like an engine-flush-in-a-bottle, and to put it in before my next oil change. I added it to a fresh tank of gas yesterday. It says to put 6 oz for 15 gallons of fuel and put the rest in the crank case oil (provided your oil level is at E, it'll fill it to F). I've driven about 50 miles so far and it sounds like I have a new engine. The ticking is gone. I was kind of skeptical of something that has "mystery" in the name, but so far it has worked.

A 5$ fix is always good in my book. I'm getting fresh oil tomorrow, and I'll report back if the ticking reappears.

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I changed the oil after having the MMO in for 50 miles and the ticking is back. I'm not sure if it would have helped more to leave it in for longer or if it only helps when it's in the oil. I'm not sure if it actually helps anything or if it just hides the problem...

Another thing I forgot to mention before was that when it was in my oil, I didn't burn any oil on a cold startup!

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poor contents of bottle into your oil when the engine is cold.

start car, and let it just idle for like 5 minutes.

shut off car, and drain oil. (stare amazed at how nasty your oil is) lol

it really is that easy. i do all of my car's at least once a year just to keep it all clean, and not even allow a build up to start. even my 250K mile motor is now a very nice light tan inside the valve cover, compared to the nasty black build up it had when i bought it.

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Hmm, I didn't think it was a complicated process from what I'd guessed, but he said he didn't have the stuff. I'm not sure what he meant. He's a good family friend and he maintains my town's fleet of police cars, so I trust him a lot. I'll get it next time. I think I should start changing my oil ever 3k miles anyway with how hard I drive my car.

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I just finished up that tank of gas. It's been almost 2 weeks. :lol: I don't drive a lot, but when I do, I really drive it.

On the bottle it says you can add 4 oz per 10 gallons of gas, so I put 6 oz in my last tank, and it's supposed to increase gas mileage. I didn't get my hopes up, I don't see how putting anything in your gas can change anything. I normally get about 300-340 miles until the E light comes on, which is about 12.8-ish gallons when I fill up. That's an average of 25mpg. That's not really good at all, but like I said, when I drive, I really drive.

I just pulled 380 miles on this last tank, and I had even more WOT time on it than before. I drive my car like I'm at an autoX probably a quarter of the time I'm in the seat, I'd say. When I calculated my mileage this time, I got 29.5mpg. I still can't believe it. I don't know how it works, but it works.

I even calculated out the price, and since this stuff costs about 4.50$ for a quart, and then it would only take 5 oz to refill a fresh tank of gas (not the full 15.5 gallons), it actually comes out that I got a gallon of gas for free. With a quart of MMO you can treat just over 5 tanks of gas, so that's less than a dollar a treatment and then you get a gallon of gas for free, in effect. It's actually saving money.

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