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1998 Mazda 626 Es (fuse Diagram)

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My dash lights and car lighter isn't working, I'm assuming it has to be the fuses, Does anyone have a fuse diagram I can see for a 1998 Mazda 626 ES. The cover I had over the fuses isn't there, Witch Is why I'm needing to find a diagram. Thanks

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Mine is a 1999 ES, but should be kinda similar I think. Only issue with the diagram I have is that it lies somewhat..... Like it will say interior light, I pull the fuse and I lose the lights, but also the radio....

I can't get a pic of the diagram, It might be a little hard but I will just suggest what the guide says. Ignore the two fuses that are horizontal on the bottom. For the lighter try... 1. the fourth row up, fuse closest to the door, 15amp fuse(audio, socket, outside mirror).

2) the 5th row up closest to the door(only 3 fuses in this row) 15amp fuse.(socket, clock, radio, outside mirror)

For the gauges try

1. 1st row second closest to the door(10amp). (gauges, back-up lights)

2) fourth row up, third closest to the door, 10 amp fuse.(dashboard illumination, tail lights, parking lights, and license plate lights)

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