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Phillips Xtreme-power Halogen Bulbs

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I wanted to share my experience with the new bulbs I bought recently- the Phillips Xtreme power.

I was looking around for a worthy replacement of the last Sylvanya Siverstar Ultra. I have been a very loyal customer of the Silverstar brand and they left me wanting for more, especially longevity wise. The original Silverstars barely lasted a year, the ultras ~2. The light was way better than stock, but nothing special.

Found online claim of the new 'brightest halogen bulb'. Well, as far as I am concerned I do not really care how long these bulbs last- they are superb. Now my car feels very contemporary lights wise. The color is slightly warmer than the Silverstar Ultras, but the light density is times better. I can see them far ahead rain or fog.

The only problem is finding where to buy these lights- it took me some effort as the regular auto retailer do not carry them, at least in my region. If it matters for you they are made in Germany.

Overall above my expectations and highly recommended.

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US-spec. I might try to get some projectors in the future if I don't find some bright bulbs that will last a while. The brighter Sylvanias are only good for about a year. They cost twice as much as regular bulbs and last way shorter, go figure. The ones that last longer are about equivalent to having two candles out front, though.

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I got my Xtreme lights from Oereplacement.com for like 40 $. They are halogen lights, they are not xenon or anything like that. My car has stock headlights which are 9006.

They just so happens to be the best lights I have put on my car. I did consider the JP spec headlights but I do not want to go through the expense and the hassle.

Where did you find them in 9006? I only see them online in halogen sizes.

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the Xtreme +80 only come in H7 and H4 that I'm aware of. if you want the brightest 9006 or 9005 bulbs you get 9012 or 9011 Toshiba HIR bulbs. the 9011 high beam is 2350 Lumen, the low beam 9012 is around 2000 Lumen.

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