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hey guys im some what new here. iv read the forums for ever, but just recently sighned up as a user. any ways,

i was wondering if it is possible to get the lip kit from the euro 626 here in america. and how much would it cost.

iv tried to search this up but cant really find any thing.


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I assume you mean the lip kit that you see on the hatches in Europe? I think those would be pretty rare these days, unless some company decided to start reproducing them which is always possible. If you can't find anything, you could always try the regional forums.

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Because that kind of stuff doesn't fit on a 626. Euro lip kit is nice and not "over shape" for GE body line. In Poland they are quite easy to get, so thay aren't very rare. Costs are low also (maby 150$ for set in good condition). But still, shipping would be expensive If you decided to get them to US. You can try on ebay.de also. They suppost to have this kit. By the way. My mate from Polish mazda club Pajko has got this lip on his GE. If you want some details about instalation you can ask him.

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