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Working My Car.

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I mean obviously I'm biased towards Tokico since that's what I have, but from the research I did back when I bought mine, Tokico makes a superior product. The HP's were factory on the Mazdaspeed Protege, and I know Tokico's have been factory standard on a few of the TRD or other special edition Toyota trucks.

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I disagree with the statement that it won't fix a bad or broken mount. 2 of the mounts in my car I completely gutted [cut out/scraped out ALL of the rubber, as they were in really bad shape and broke

I like the white's you have with the horse. Makes it look like a Ferrari part. zoom zoom. Those are way too expensive for me though. The whites are think are around $800-$1200 while the blues are about $600-$700 per kit. It's a pretty big price difference. For someone like myself that just wants to slap them on and not fiddle with anything the blues would be great. If you want to adjust things here and there then the whites are meant for you.

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on the same hand, KYB is what came on our car stock also. and look how long they usually have lasted.

ive ran both. and had both brands fail on me. i think the tokico's are a better strut performance wise when lowered. but the KYB gr2's have usually lasted me longer. (even though there a OEM replacement strut, and not a 'performance' strut) but ive only used the tokico blue's. ive never used the tokico illumina's.

and KYB GR2's are about $300 for the set

tokico blues are about $400 for the set

tokico illumina's are about $550 for the set

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Sorry to tell you guys this, but I replaced the 626 with this 2 weeks ago:

2010 Speed3




She was getting close to the 200,000 mile mark, and I didn't want to put anymore money into it. Sold the 626 3 days later.

I had a good time on here, and I'll still pop up from time to time, and will answer any questions that you have.

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Alright boys! Time to revive this thread. It's been in storage too long. I've done some small things to the 626, and I'll be updating everybody on them soon. Also about to do some work to the wife's car, so I'll be posting that in another thread.

Hey i would like to be apart of these mazda 626 car meets.. Now my 626 is a work in progress .. but i would love to be apart of the team!

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