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Working My Car.

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I had some things in my attic for the car that I bought awhile ago (when I first bought it actually) so I finally decided to put them on. Also decided to do some touch-up work to the paint on the car too. Here's the work that's been going on from start to finish.

This is one of the parts that started the whole ball rolling. It's the door trim for the passenger side of the car. I also have new splash gaurds and factory foglights.


Went ahead and put it on.



So now, since it's white and the car's black, it has to be painted, and so does the bottom of the door, because the dummy that tried to put the original on back on used some kind of silicone, and let it drip down the door.

So I decided that since I had to prep that door to be painted, I'd go ahead and put my fogs and my H.I.D.'s in. So the car goes on jackstands, and the headlights and grille come off. I also went ahead and pulled the covers out of the bumper for the fogs.



So I pulled the splash gaurds off next. I also had a fenderliner for the driver's side to replace, so I pulled it off too. But then I found these spots of rust. So now I have to fix that too.




The clear coat on the trunk panel was faded, and it looked awful, so I decided to paint that too. So off it came, along with the taillights. Found some surface rust, and sanded that off.


I sprayed that with truck bed liner, if for no other reason than that I had it. But I got this bright idea when I sprayed it. I had always wanted to pull those emblems off the back of the car, so I did, got some bondo, and filled the holes.



Mixed some Bondo on a piece of carboard on the top of the trunk. BIG MISTAKE! Now I have to paint the whole trunk.

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I disagree with the statement that it won't fix a bad or broken mount. 2 of the mounts in my car I completely gutted [cut out/scraped out ALL of the rubber, as they were in really bad shape and broke

So since I was getting bold anyway, I decided that instead of just touching up the spots on the fender, I'd paint the whole thing. The clear coat had been starting to peel anyway.


So the paint prep begins. I got a pic of the trunk panel after I sanded it, and a pic of the trunk panel and the gas door primered (yeah I forgot, I put the gas door on the car when I first bought it and never painted it).



That's all the pics I have right now. I'll post up more soon. Enjoy!!!

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It's coming out beautifully! I'll take pics and post them when I'm done and have it back out of the garage. I'm actually working on it now. I just took a break to check my e-mail and to eat something.

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Nice. Small project turns into a big one. Got some of the same problems as you. Getting some small starting to form rust spots. Paint is a bit damage on the hood from waiting to long to clean. And the sunroof been bad for to long that I want to do.

Have my own project to do, but can't start yet. Will be back to check out your finishing. Hope it all came out as you wanted it.

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Here it is, the moment that you've been all waiting for!!! Now, here's what the car looked like when I bought it in Dec. of '06.




And here's what it looks like now!






I put a resonator and a new muffler on it too. It looks and sounds a whole lot better.


I also put a new intake tube on it. I made it with a Spectre Industries 45 degree 4" tube. I'm still trying to work our that breather situation. A friend of mine told me to tee off the vacuum booster near the intake manifold. I may try that.


I Love it now. NO more mismatched headlights, factory foglights, no peeling clearcoat. And the stereo AND exhaust sound awsome!

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I've got too many memory cards for my camera. I found some more pics.

I used these yellow bulbs in my fogs.


Ok, so here's the night pics that I took.




And here's what I did for that breather tube. I got some Vacuum line and a tee, and tee'd into the brake booster line near the intake manifold.



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Wow, your work really paid off. I think black looks pretty sharp on about any car as long as it's nice and deep, and yours looks super clean.

What muffler did you get? Can we get a vid of the sound?

Did the suspension system that you got say that it would lower more in the back or is that just how it turned out? Yours and Xeno's both seem to sit pretty low in the back. I want to lower mine, too, but I hate the "saggy" look in the back. I'd rather have it lower in the front than the back, but not really a noticeable amount. Hopefully that makes sense. Anyway, awesome work. I'm glad it turned out so nice.

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Thanks man!! And that's just the way that it turned out. It just looks like the back is lower because it doesn't have that truck rake from the factory, and where and how I took the pics. It actually is still just a little bit higher in the back, but not much, and I like that. The muffler is one that I bought off E-Bay for $40.00 and it sounds great!! I'll try to get a sound clip today if I can figure out how to do it. I'll also post a pic of the paint that I used.

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Ok, tried to get a sound clip. Got video, but no sound. I'll have to try to figure that one out. Anyway, someone wanted to know what I used to paint the parts of the car that I painted, and here it is. I need to put a good coat of wax on everything now.


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I didn't look at the pictures that closely before, so I didn't notice, but now that I looked harder it looks like the parts that you painted are slightly less glossy. Will the wax fix that? I'm really amazed that it looks so good with spray can stuff. I honestly didn't notice until you posted the picture of the paints. Hope it turns out with the wax!

I really like how my car sits, with the front a little lower than the back. It's noticeable, but not stupid looking. If I could just lower it like 2 inches and keep the angle, that would be pretty sick I think.

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Nice job bub! 2 cans of primers, 4 cans of paint, & 4 cans of coat. And Duplicolour to top it off. Good choice to go with. Did you just use a grinder or sandpaper to remove the old clear coat & paint?

Makes me want to just go ahead & do what I want to my car, but I'm still waiting.

Good Job Though!!!!!

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Sandpaper. I started with 80 grit, then I switched to 150, then I went over it again with 400 grit. then I sprayed two coats of primer, four coats of color, and four coats of clear. I'm going to put a coat of wax on it to protect it as soon as it stops raining here.

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A couple of weeks ago, I decided to switch the chrome hood piece out on my car for a new one that I had bought. During that switch, I decided to paint my Mazda emblem.



Emblem on the chrome trim.


On the car.


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