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Probetalk.com - Traction Bars (2nd Gen Probe/mx6) Last And Final Bulk

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Approved by Stacey B.

PLEASE read this entire post before sending any money!

As mentioned in the title, this will be our last and final bulk buy for these traction bars. We have reduced the price even further then our previous bulk buy, and im sure you will find it is a very affordable price.

Bulk Buy Item(s):

Traction bars for the 2nd gen probe/mx6. These bars bolt to the control arms and frame with an adjustable tie rod. This places tension on the control arms eliminating wheel hope and improving traction. The bars will be made completely of mild steel and will come bare without any coatings. There is however an option for powder coating (BLACK ONLY) for those who would like to have them coated.

The brackets for the bars have been laser cut, and bent in a custom forming die that we have made. Our brackets are made as one piece, welded together to form a VERY strong bracket that will not flex or fatigue. You could stand on the brackets without flexing them.

To get an unbiased opinion of the traction bars, i had a third party test the traction bars, for fit and functionality. Jordan AKA Shaodome on PT, has been testing the t-bars for the past year for me, and has reported that ALL wheel hop has been eliminated, and a significant improvement in traction. This is all on his T/C'd mx6. If you have any questions about the fit/function of these bars, please dont hesitate to ask, or PM me.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Installed pics care of Cityracer:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Bulk Buy cost per item:

0-8 sets = $295 USD per set

9-15 sets = $250 USD per set

15+ sets = $225 USD per set

Powder Coating - $30 USD

Special information:

I will require a $100 deposit from anyone wanting to purchase a set of traction bars. Once the deposit is made, materials can be ordered and fabrication will begin. Your deposite is non-refundable!! The balance owing will be paid when the bars are to be shipped out. I will give everyone 5-7 days notice, so they can prepare the funds.

Payment Options: Paypal, cheque, international money order. Anyone who wishes to pay with paypal will have to add the 4% paypal fee to their order.

Shipping Instructions: I will ship out the bars using Canada Post, they have been the best company for shipping out internation orders. Every item will go out with a tracking number and will be shipped 5-7 buisness days. Shipping will be calculated and added onto the balance owing at the time of shipment!

This bulk buy will be open for 30 days starting from today. The lead time on the bars will be 6-8 weeks after the bulk buy is completed. This will give us plenty of time for fabrication.

Ready to order your traction bars?

If you want to pay using paypal, please send your deposite of $104 USD to Djanz2@shaw.ca. Then send me a PM with your FULL name, shipping information, and your paypal account information so i can link your PT screen name with your paypal account.

If you would like to pay with a cheque or international money order, please send me a PM requesting my address. Matieral will not be ordered untill all cheques or money orders clear.

If you have any questions about anything, PLEASE dont hesitate to ask, pm, or email me!!

Deposits Sent:

1. Treetracer








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