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Mazda626.net Changelog

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This is the official mazda626.net Change log, any changes administrators make as of 4/21/2009 will be logged here.


20-30k Images now CDN Friendly (will be loaded from our cdn)


Fixed Cache issues that prevented fresh content for showing to members

Email notifications fixed

Fixed Download Section

Added RAR Attachment type

Added 3D Design section for members

Fixed Missing PMX626.com images

Improved speed of m626.net shortcut domain

Improved speeds of pmx626.com


Improved Site search see: http://mazda626.net/...de/#entry340929

Removed Quantcast tracking code to speed up page load times.


More Performance Tweaks

Dark Theme Updated

Dark Theme Default Color Set to Match Light theme Blue.

Images on Light Theme Optimized to be slightly smaller ~20kb reduction in overall size.

Disabled Gravatar Due to Slowing down site, All Avatars will need to be hosted locally here or input directly via url into members profiles


Added back PMX626.com Links

Fixed theme issues


Moved Server over to new dedicated server

Overhauled security and optimized db/server

Updated Notification Email System


Fixed some minor server utilization issues.

12/8/2011 - Upgraded IPB

Upgraded Ipboard to 3.2.3

Upgraded garage to latest

Fixed Mobile theme (removed garage from it)

Reduced Variable Opcode Caching Refresh time(hopefully to fix random hanging issues with page loads)


Site moved to new Dedicated Server

Xcache Up and running

11/8/2011 - CDN

Cloudflare CDN Up and running

9/5/2011 - Upgraded IPB

Upgraded IPB to 3.2.2

Upgraded Skin to latest version

12/20/2010 -Minor Edits

Resolved page load issues

Added Project/Builds to General Chat Section

Added shortcut domain m626.net

4/19/2010 -Minor Edits

Fixed links in several performance 2.5L V6 articles.

Also posted some information articles that are no longer available online in our own forums to preserve them.

4/6/2010 -Minor Edits

Permissions fixed for all forums

-moderators can now post news

-guests can now view/download all attachments

-banned members now banned from every forum

4/3/2010 -Minor Edits

Lighting Forum Added

Rules slightly modified.

3/26/2010 -Mobile Site "Touchups"


AdMob ads in our mobile site.


Google ads from mobile site.

Garage mod's "random cars" section from mobile site.

Calendar disabled (forum-wide).


New Blue and Dark themes.

New Mobile/Smartphone theme for iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm WebOS, Android, Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, Safari Mobile, and Blackberry.

Latest Post/Topic Section Added.

Users auto watch threads they reply to.

Reputation System Removed.

Thank System Added.


Google Ads, fixed filtering lower quality ads that hurt site image.

Social Bookmarking coming soon!


You can now hang with us on facebook!



We now accept donations.

You can now invite friends from your usermenu dropdown.

You can now view you Latest Posts and Lates Topics from the user dropdown menu.

You can now add comments when you give somone + and - rep as well as view your rep + comments in sidebar.


Added COTM on the main page.

Fixed the reputation system.

Turned on email activation when registering.


Added eBay contact information to profile

Disabled the portal

Removed interests from user's information on a post. Replaced it with their car.

Installed two new skins.


PMX626.com Done, Check it out Steve worked his butt off on finishing it! And hes tired.


Linear Plus + Outline view for topics has been removed, no one uses them and it just makes the site look really bad when coming in from search engines.

Super-Six-Search Engine has not been fixed, before mx6.com results were not registering in the customer search engine, now all 4 sites work(probetalk.com, mx6.com, mazda626.net, and performanceprobe.com).

Super-Six-Search Engine is being renamed to PMX626 = P(for Ford Probe)MX6(for Mazda Mx6)26 (for Mazda626)

PMX626.com was purchased as a domain and the search engine will soon be located their with a new theme. <img src='http://www.mazda626....ult/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />


Layout Style Changed, again, and should be much better now!

Bulk Buy Section added, bulk buys from mx6.com and probetalk.com can be seen here!

mazda626.net Competition section added, also in marketplace non-mazda626.net competition/sweepstakes category has been added, and this section already has 5 sweepstakes in it! ( http://www.mazda626....hp?showforum=72 )

Hot Deals Section added to marketplace

Other 626's has been Added to Technical/Performance/ and appearance sections

Max Images per post is now 15, which should make it much easier for posting pictures in the photosection and guides in the DIY/how to section.

Premium membership system goes into effect.


Snailman is now officially an administrator(before he was without the label).

Super-Six-Search is now activated, it will be reskinned to match the site once we have the new domain for the site, because the current server is out of storage space.

Test/Temporary logo has been uploaded to the light theme for testing.

New Donate button added (if you donate $30, you'll receive a premium membership).

New TrialPay button added (get a premium membership, for free).


Replies are now possible in this forum (and basically everywhere).

Premium memberships available.

New member badges (if anyone cared).


Google Adsense added to default light template/skin.


Site was down for 3 days . . . Invision Power Board hosting support is terrible. Called in emergency support over weekend and they did nothing to address the issue until this morning. Were still waiting on the domain at this point, when get it well be fully moved over to the new server ASAP and will then be without anymore problems.


New moderator added: xxxmonoxidechild!


- PM box sizes have been increased(idea was recommended by snailman)

Donators: 500 PM's (up from 60)

Members: 300 Pm's (up from 60)

-logo was fixed for both themes

-Light skin was reset as default site skin for easier on eyes to guests, Dark skin/theme is still available to users(via pulldown menu at bottom of site)

-Mazda626.net button fixed in header of page.

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site updated, themes updated (new dark theme). CDN still active and back online (was down since 5/9) due to configuration issue. 

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Added some bells and whistles

  • RSS Feeds Added (orange icon lower right).
  • GoogleTranslate.
  • And Scroll to top button. 
  • Minimalist load indicator



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