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Probetalk.com - Uhmwp Shifter Slop Reducing Bushings

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This has been approved by stacy_b.

If you have more than 1" of shifter slop, i would strongly suggest these.

I am making bushings for both the transmission side and the shifter side of the shifter linkage rod. These bushings are made from UHMWP (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UHMWPE, read the first paragraph!! ), which is a VERY tough teflon-ish material. Each set will be personally cut by me. They are cut to as close of a tolerance as can be with the material (and much closer than the stock bushings). The stock bushings are much weaker, and cannot compare to these UHMWP bushings.

Each bushing is made by hand on a lathe, one at a time, and individually measured. I have no "fast" way of producing them, it takes a decent amount of time per bushing to get them to the exact measurements i am building these to (plus plastic is pretty hard to machine to a very close tolerance in the first place).

They have been installed and tested on over 20 cars, all with fabulous results. I have personally test driven my mx6 with them for over 2,000 city miles and they have not "worn" away at all (and they wont. read the UHMWP link above ).

I also installed a set of Trans side on ICD_ROB's car. He did not have anywhere near as much play as i did to begin with. His stock bushings were still in excellent condition (his are in the comparison picture), and he said these UHMWP bushings still gave his a much stiffer feel.

All others had the same results. Most commented on the ease of installation, and how great it felt to drive now.

These will fit any G series mazda transmission. Included (but not limited to):

First and Second generation (88-97) Probe, mx6, 626,

For mx3's, the transmission side will for sure work. I am not sure about the shifter side. Compare on your own, i would bet 99% it is one or the other of my bushings.

There is a very strong possibilty that these will fit many other mazdas, and many other fords. If your shift link rod looks like the pictures, then they are more than likely the same.

As far as any short shifters go, I know that with my ebay SS (and one other) my shifter bushings did not reduce the slop as much as stock. They have a different bore size. If your SS uses stock bushings, then you WILL see an improvement, but it may not be as tight as a stock shifter.


They can be installed without any specialty tools within about 45 minutes. With air tools and a lift it can be done in about 10 minutes.

You must remove the horizontal crossmember (6 - 17mm bolts. I have been informed that this is not a MUST, but it surely makes things easier), and then remove the nut (12mm) off the bottom of the bolt that goes thru these bushings/transmission. Slide out the old bolt, removed old bushings, and install the UHMWP bushings. They may be a tight fit into the trans, so a pair of channel locks could come in handy. Line up your shifter rod and slide the bolt back thru, this may also be a tight fit.

Shifter side simply uses a 13mm nut/bolt to hold the shifter thru a set of bushings and a metal sleeve. You do not need to remove the exhaust, all you will need to temporarily bend the shield it out of the way.

Here are the UHMWP bushings next to the Shifter Rod, and a set of very good stock bushings:


Here are a couple pictures of them installed in the transmission:


In this picture you can see the thru bolt in the backround:


Here are both Shifter side (left, 2gen only) Tranny side (right, both sides for 1g's) bushings.


If you want zero slop, then buy a set of trans and shifter side (combo).

If you only buy one set (trans or shifter), it is your responsibilty to decide which one you need, but i will stronglysuggest the trans side.

Payment Instructions, VERY IMPORTANT:

PayPal is MUCH preffered. Make sure you have the correct shipping address on your paypal account, as that is where i will be shipping your bushings.

If you need to use a M/O, contact me via pm.

All in USD. They are priced with 1$ differences so that i can easily tell in Paypal what I need to ship you.

One set of Trans Side bushings (both 1g & 2g):


One set of Shifter Side Bushings (only for 2g!):


1 Gen Combo (Trans & Shifter Side)


2 Gen Combo (Trans & Shifter side)


Prices including shipping & paypal fees.

I will GLADLY ship out of the US, simply add $2 to either One Set or Combo.

paypal address is:


Shipping Info:

Your bushings will be shipped out no later than 3 days after your payment (in most cases it will actually be 24 hours, but i do not want to commit to that for every set).

These will be available untill i run out of UHMWP stock. And from the looks of the feeler, that might be fast.

Feel free to ask any questions,

Thanks, Colin!

Heres a few unsolicited responses from the mx6.com community:

bad english, but..


thats enough for now ;).


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well, i was surprised to stumble upon this page from searching google for cf_z :smile:.

I hope you guys take interest, as these little bushings are an extremely worthwhile investment. Nothing can compare price:feel of driving for these things.

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you put these in yet NDM? whatta ya think? how they feel? well worth it?

I did a review, sometime, back but it seems to have disappeared! I got them in, the install was easy. And it feels great! Worth every penny in my opinion. I wouldn't bother with a Short Throw, and just grab these bushings. Youll be glad you did.

what does he mean by slop? like side to side in Nuetral? or side to side in gear? because mine has no ressistance like most standards do in nuetral, but its not to bad in gear.

In gear, on most 626's their is a lot of slop side to side. The bushings make the shifts smoother, and just increases the overall feel IMO.

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Ordered my pair. Looks like I'll be the first one to put em on a 626 guys :biggrin:
My damn bushing are shot and im going to order some if he still makes them. I cand shift at all into 5th and now it keeps hanging up when trying to shift. :(
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My damn bushing are shot and im going to order some if he still makes them. I cand shift at all into 5th and now it keeps hanging up when trying to shift. :(

I still make them guys. Everything on this page is current and correct!


I am very glad to say that i've sold over 150 sets to over 18 countries, without ONE negative feedback!

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Hmm. I might look into these in the near future, but not quite yet. We have to see how the car shifts when I actually get it lol. But I'm no mechanic, I'm going to need step by step installation help, even for something this simple.

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Another satisfied Australian customer. Thanks to cf_z going the extra mile.

The bushes initially supplied contained the two different sizes so that like Flyvemyren the ones for the tranny side of my 1996 GE 2.0L were too big. A quick email exchange and I was invited to return the oversize ones to be replaced with the smaller ones.

Now fitted and I am delighted with the superb result.

THANK YOU cf_z :happy:

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I know this thread is from way back but I just was wondering why you would pay for those when you can get these:corksport I put just the shifter side ones in and it almost elimated all play.

when I put mine in it DID eliminate all play, and I had well over 1" the damn thing flopped around

not that this is a debate thread, but: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultra-high-molecular-weight_polyethylene

Density (g/cm3) 0.945

Surface Hardness RR50

Tensile Strength (MPa) 3

Flexural Modulus (GPa) 0.5

Notched Izod (kJ/m) 1.06+

Linear Expansion (/

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