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That certainly could be an option. 

maybe i am backwards, but was actually hoping to get a sedan, but a coupe could well work.  

Will get Christmas done and dusted and might get back to you.


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hello fellow 626ers,

New member to the site so just thought I would introduce myself.

I recently had the privilege of purchasing a tidy original GD 626 hatch 2.2L turbo (my very first Mazda and FWD car). 

I'm located in Brisbane and hoping there's still some enthusiastic 626ers out there? I'm always looking for DIY upgrades and mods and more than willing to contribute any useful info I come across in the process.





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On Tuesday, 20 December 2016 at 0:56 PM, Desoto29 said:

Hi All.

I am in Melbourne.

Last century I had a 626 CB series one.  Sold it before I had done what I wanted to do with it.

Time to get another one and complete some dreams I had when younger. probably piss people off here but want to put a ford windsor V8 in it.

If anyone knows of a clean series 1 for sale id love to look at it.


talk to the demaj brothers. they have been putting v8s into old mazdas for years.

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Hi there, a new owner of a 1992 626 Hatch.  We just love this car, such a pleasure to drive.

Pictures are up on my profile. Bought it through Gumtree, $400! Had a bad transmission they said. We took the chance. Our mechanic friend was able to replace the gasket without removing the trans or any other body parts. Runs as sweet as. Now working up to getting a Major Service as it had previously been "cared" for by KMart Tyre and Auto. Yeah, such care. When they had apparently been looking at the trans they just put it all back and said nothing can be done but replacement. 7 of the bolts were only hand-tight! Yeah. Impressed. I undid them with my fingers.

I have to replace the antenna innards as it has somehow broken inside the motor housing and won't raise or lower the antenna. Not urgent.
Although I have the Owners Manual I'm not sure what they call this level of fit-out or what was included with the car as new. How can I find that out?

Wondering what the blank black plastic plugs on the dash are for? Are they for fog lights or driving lights or things like that? That could be handy.

Any other suggestions for reasonable mods to make this better?


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Welcome Ian. $400...sounds like you got a good deal! I paid $1700 mine....an ugly duckling of a thing that I bought as a project, which has, after much money and TLC been turned back into a swan. Regarding your antenna - when you turn the radio on/off do you hear the motor operate? You may just need a new mast, Aerpro Part ARM052A. I think mine was about $50....not too fun a job to put in, but its good as new now.


Trim level - I managed to figure this out by doing some research on redbook.com.au. Mine is a Luxury since it has the fog lights, ABS and a couple of other things. Being that yours doesn't have the fog lights (thats what one of the button holes there is for, no idea what the other is, mine has the light for an aftermarket immobiliser there), I'd suggest that its either the base model or the SDX. If yours still has the factory audio system, easy way to figure it out is whether or not it has a CD player. No CD player = base model, Cassette deck + seperate CD player = SDX.


As for me, my story is in my Intro thread...anyway, I live in Sydney on the Northern Beaches, and have a GE 626 as a little project. Actually ventured out onto the road today for the first time after replacing the alternator on it, here's a pic I snapped while grabbing some celebratory KFC on the test drive.



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I am new to the Forum, finding it in my quest for answers about ATF, Aircon and Heater problems...

First 626 I ever had was a 1978 sedan, when I was in Malaysia from '93 to '96.

Was a nice beast that I bought from a wrecker; had it rebuilt, and the only way to almost kill it was that a tree fell on it, along with 6 other cars. It was a monster of a tree.

All the others were written off; but 4700 malaysian rinngit (au$2000) later, mine was back on the road.

I found out soon later, after a drive down to Kuala Lumpur, that the rebuilders didn't realign the front suspension, and totally chewed all the new tyres after only 300km... 

To say it had Negative Camber, was a massive understatement! 


Next 626; I have had my 1991 626 Estate since 2001. It had 67000 on the clock at the time.

I've tried to baby it a bit, so after another 16 years, I have only ticked over the 300,000k mark this year


It suffered a complete self destruct of the auto, back in 2002; but the major nuisance is that it is now on it's 4th heater core.

Turned out the replacements all along have been those aluminium/plastic hybrid units.


My current bug, is that I'm losing ATF, in measurable quantities.

Got to the stage I'll check the ATF levels more often than the Engine oil.

They did locate a high pressure seal problem, and fixed that; but I am still collecting drips in the floor tray I keep in the garage.


The latest mechanic I located seems more knowledgable,

and  I will be soon depositing the vehicle to him again, will be replacing all the external tubing/hosing; replacing drive shafts completely... amongst a few other under bonnet jobs.


About the ATF levels:

I really wish they could have put Fluid QTY level indications on the ATF dipstick, in the same way that an Engine dipstick has!

Over the last few weeks I have been performing level checks at hot Idle, as I found that the level (hot Idle Check) was totally below the bottom of the stick itself! It was dry (the stick) 

I have been progressively adding 100mls at a time, and at least now have some idea of what qty is required to bring the level up, from dry stick, up to normal hot idle level...

I eventually needed the aggregate addition of 500ml to bring it up, from a dry stick, to the the Middle Notch, at hot idle.


This old beast is keeping my mind well-occupied in my retirement...



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