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That certainly could be an option. 

maybe i am backwards, but was actually hoping to get a sedan, but a coupe could well work.  

Will get Christmas done and dusted and might get back to you.


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hello fellow 626ers,

New member to the site so just thought I would introduce myself.

I recently had the privilege of purchasing a tidy original GD 626 hatch 2.2L turbo (my very first Mazda and FWD car). 

I'm located in Brisbane and hoping there's still some enthusiastic 626ers out there? I'm always looking for DIY upgrades and mods and more than willing to contribute any useful info I come across in the process.





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On Tuesday, 20 December 2016 at 0:56 PM, Desoto29 said:

Hi All.

I am in Melbourne.

Last century I had a 626 CB series one.  Sold it before I had done what I wanted to do with it.

Time to get another one and complete some dreams I had when younger. probably piss people off here but want to put a ford windsor V8 in it.

If anyone knows of a clean series 1 for sale id love to look at it.


talk to the demaj brothers. they have been putting v8s into old mazdas for years.

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