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hey guys...

i'm still waiting on microtech to send me back my comp and distributar so my cars is still not done yet but as soon as its back on the road and boosting me along the black top ill post some pics...but dont hold your breath still got some other probs to work out

Cheers B)

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hey im from brisbane and i have a 79 626 coupe

G'day, my name is Matt, live on Gold Coast. My brother in law has a large collection of old Mazdas (bongos, B1600s, 323s, 626s) all pre-1980 stuff. I bought a '79 626 off him that I am tryin

Posted Images

Wow there are a few of us around (adelaide here).

Mine is a '94 626 2.5L v6 H/B, pretty stock but getting there, so far i've put pedders springs in (1.5' at back, 1.7' at front), i've also ordered KYB Gr-2 which should be here next week!

Other things i've installed so far is my Hotshot CAI which runs great, plus I have 16' ROH adrenilines!!

Other parts I have changed since purchase:

All CV boots

Clutch :'(

Drive Belts

Some Various Suspension bushes

Front Discs Machined (new pads)

Wheel/steering allignment

CAM Alarm System


Vacuum Hose

Spark Plugs

VT/VX Side Indicators

This car really goes, but I haven't been gunning it much due to the lowness of my car supported only by stock shocks, my tires also may be a tad to big for the car (225/55). Hopefully tho when my shocks arrive that will improve the ride!!

Next up will most probably be some tinting, then exhaust system 2.5' including a hi-flo cat, would love extractors but sadly there are none around.

Picks will come soon...


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G'Day PPl,

Good to see some others from the Antipodes.

I've got a 82 626 which I'm doing up,

have just not long done Port Hedland, WA; to Brisbane, SEQld

in 72 Hours with SWMBO

She who must be Obeyed.

Never again.

Ivan in Oz,

Near Toowoomba,

on the Downs, Darling,

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I'm Irish...but sure, nobody's perfect!! :huh:

I have just bought into this and am currently having my first Mazda prepared for roadworthiness.

Car: 1986 GC 5sp fwd turbo hatch

Engine: FE 2lt.

Name: Mike

Location: Warragul (West Gippsland)

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spnkbubble Posted on Mar 31 2004, 01:25 AM


hey im new here, ive got a 626 hatch and live in melbourne 

First of all welcome Spnkbubble!!!

and guys check out my new pics

==> http://www.cardomain.com/id/bungy_20dvs

let me know what you think B) :huh:

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Hey pplz,

My second post! I usually read the MX6 forum, but a nice Ford Forum guy put me onto this site. I live in Camperdown in Victoria but I originally come from the western suburbs. I went on a cruise the other day with my boyfriend's EA club and that was alright. Considering there are so many of us 626/TX5's from Melb maybe a cruise could be organised later on?? That'd b good

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Hi ya.

Im also from Ausie land, Perth actually.

I've been reading the chat rooms for a few weeks but never thought to join, cos I don't actually have a mazda 626 (or telstar) yet.

I had a 1990 626 for 3 weeks, but that was while I was waiting for my 92 pulsar. ;)

My favourite car is a 95 626 or TX-5, either one in Silver will do me fine. I didn't know there were so many Aussies here until I found this 'corner'.

Hope to get a 626 soon. B)

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Hey Eveybody

Name: Jason

Car: 95 Mazda 626 Hatchback

Engine: KL-03 2.5L V-6

Location: Central Coast N.S.W.

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One and all, how are we?

Name : Luke

Car : Ford Telstar TX5 Ghia, 1992

Engine : 2.5L V6

Tran : 5sp manual

Location : Home - Geelong, Vic

Work - Hawthorn, Vic

Mods : 2.5" exhaust, K&N, 16mm rear sway bar


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Hi All

Name: Adam (Ads)

Car: 88 626 Hatch 5sp

Eng: 2.2l turbo

Mods: Lowered King Springs, KYB shocks, CAI, Pod filter.

Lives: Newcastle NSW.

Loves: carving up newer commadores & falcons in my 16 year old grandpa car :P

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Hello all!!!

Name: Brenton

Lives in: Perth

My car: 1983 626 sedan, 2.0 L, 360 000 K's, and still going strong :biggrin:

Luv's: Laughing at ricers..... :P , and driving "the beast"

(for pic see the pic section in this area)

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Hi guys

Name : Mal

Live: Melbourne

Current Car: 2003 Yellow Mazda6 Luxury Sports Hatch (Belongs to my woman)

Other cars: 1963 Mazda 600 Carol 4 door, 1964 Mazda 800 Wagon.

Previous Mazda's: 1971 Mazda 1300 4 door super deluxe

1976 Mazda 323 Hatch, eventually turned into a Group

"C" Production Race car.

1976 Mazda 808 Coupe

Been involved with Mazda Car Club of Australia since its inception since 1968.

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